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Real Housewives of Potomac 5.14 "Choo! Choo! Gizelle's Messy Train Arrives Early" Recap

- Mar-A-Lago Monique is making a desperate attempt to promote this podcast, Professor Chaos is calling people to make sure they get registered to vote
- Pageant Peanut Butter Foundation is her mother's house vocalizing because she thinks she can sing. A minute in and she's already crying.
- Well at least she's better than Kim Zolciak "don't be tardy for the party wooahaooahowahohahoohahooooa 🎤🚬
- Blu Cantrell 1 and Blu Cantrell 2 meet at American Girl for some tea and pastries to ambush Kurn about what she divulged to Wendy. They don't give a fuck about Karen's well-being, they just wanna be messy hoes
- we see Wedny's cute family again
- Ashley is seeing the couples therapist alone and opens up about the lack of intimacy with SweatyBack ClosedSteakhouse. It is revealed that she began seeing the therapist for postpartum depression
- the song is very 90s B-side and she gets a record offer. She fucking cried again.
- yes! The real star is back 🐦
- nigga, Gizelle finally got a halfway decent outfit on. Shoes are turrible. But this home decor is just - it's like is the year 2020 had a Pinterest board
- the Nosy Sugar Baby introduces so authentically,, genuinely, naturally introduces the season trip.
- we're having the Embezzled hat photoshoot to pay the IRS
- the ladies need to work on their Sporcle geography skills. Monique is still blockedT
- Get ha, Kurn.
- MLMonique retaliates by filing charges against Candiace. Two people is not the reason that fight happened heffa, that implies two people got to throwing bows and it was just YOU. It was whoooooo? It was yoooooooooooooooou.


The editing when Wendy said she didn't brag about her degrees - lmaaaaaooooooooooo!
Tags: reality show - bravo, the real housewives (bravo)

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