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A deep dive into the Johnlock Conspiracy


Youtuber Sarah Z did a deep dive into TJLC (The JohnLock Conspiracy)

so what even is TJLC: The Johnlock Conspiracy is a fan theory that asserts that the writers of Sherlock (the Cumberbatch one) intend to make Sherlock Holmes/John Watson the canon endgame pairing.

- the show only had 13 episodes, but had long hiatuses between seasons, which gave the fandom a lot of time to go crazy

- the show frequently had the two being mistaken for a couple

- fans in 2010 were mostly not familiar with the concept of queerbaiting

- "how did Sherlock survive his fall" was a huge deal and had the fandom talking for months. and the show solved it by making it in show fanfiction and making fun of fans ?(it was weird)

- fandom went extra crazy after that episode, with shippers looking for clues everywhere

- two fangirls actually asked Moffat about TJLC at a con and he was confused and said "yeah", which they took as confirmation

- the leading voices of TJLC were middle aged women who manipulated younger fans

- when the series finale leaked a day early and was bad fans were sure it was fake

- the series finale was so bad (and did not end with romantic Johnlock) that fans were sure the real finale is still out there

- the show that replaced Sherlokc in the same timeslot was Apple Tree Yard, and fans were sure it was just a decoy for the real Sherlock finale. it was not.
Tags: conspiracy theories, fandom / stan culture, sherlock

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