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Tamron Hall interviews Tamar Braxton,


-Tamar Braxton spoke to Tamron Hall about what led to her hospitalization in July.

-Braxton denies the claim by her former boyfriend that she hit him and says that he had a camera in his car as proof.Her former boyfriend filed a restraining order against Braxton in September.

-Braxton says that "Braxton Family Values" is no longer the show she founded and is just profiting off of pain. She says she doesn't want to play the victim since she knows that reality t.v can be making a deal with the devil.Braxton says she is in therapy for depression and anxiety


Trigger warning ,sex abuse,suicide

[Spoiler (click to open)]

-Tamar accuses Iyanla vanzant of telling the world she was molested between 6 and 16 without her permission and that a family member told Vansant without her knowledge.

-Tamar says she wrote a letter about not wanting to live if she had to work in a toxic work environment. She says the network told her she was being dramatic.
Tags: black celebrities, music / musician, reality show, television - morning / daytime
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