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Former King of the Belgians sees his illegitimate daughter for the first time in 20 years

- Albert II was King of Belgium from 1993 to 2013.
- He's been married to Paola, born a princess Ruffo di Calabria since 1959
- For 18 years Albert he had an affair with Baroness Sybille de Selys de Longchamps
- The now princess Delphine was born in 1968 and was legally recognized at birth as the daughter of her mother's husband, billionaire Jacques Boel.
- King Albert and Queen Paola reconcilied in the 80s. It's been alleged that to take her cheating hubby back, the queen demanded he cut all ties with his former mistress and their daughter.
- For the past several years Delphine has been fighting to be recognized as Albert's daughter. She won and even got a title!
- I guess the old man was shamed by his son, the current King, who extended an olive branch to his sister, and decided to stop being a dick.
- Albert and Paola welcomed Her Royal Highness Princess Delphine into their home
on Sunday October 25.

Have you ever had to fight to be recognized as the child of a deadbeat father, ontd? And did you become a princess in the process?

Tags: royalty / royal family, scandal
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