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Few highlights from Matthew McConaughey's new memoir

In this autobiography, the actor talks about his younger years, why he didn't propose sooner to his wife (he didn't feel the need but after talking to his pastor, the need came...), his decision to stop doing rom-coms (he wanted more from his career), his parents' tumultuous marriage and his "greenlights".

He also mentioned being forced to have his first sexual relationship when he was 15 and how he was sexually assaulted by a man when he was 18 and knocked inconscious.

About loosing his virginty that way:
There wasn’t anything pretty about it. There wasn’t anything beautiful about it. I wasn’t nervous for the right reasons.”

About his molestation:
it could have been something that may have really scarred me.

He insists, without being asked, that neither experience affected him long term, that he never “needed or pursued” help afterward, and describes how he instead processed the events — “rearranged” his thoughts — so that he wasn’t shaped by them.

Source: My own copy of "Greenlights" (if anyone is interested, I have the ebook), The Cut
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