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ONTD original - Weirdest Pop Culture-Inspired Nail Polish Collections

Nail polish companies such as OPI and Essie typically come out with new nail polish "collections" 5-6 times a year. Each "collection" typically contains between 4-12 nail polishes with a particular theme. Many times, the collection is themed around the current season - for example it's common for a collection of neon polishes to be released in the summer, while it's common for pastel collections to release in the spring. However, sometimes nail polish companies partner with movies, TV shows, or celebrities to release pop culture-inspired nail polish collections. In this post I'm going to be looking at (some of) the absolute strangest pop culture-themed nail polish collections ever to be released, as well as a few non-pop culture ones just for fun!

Kardashian Kolors

The Theme: The Kardashians. That's it.
The Brand: Nicole by OPI
Date Released: 2012
Strangest Color Names: Khloe Had A Little Lam-Lam, Kourt Is Red-i for a Pedi, Kendall On The Katwalk, Kim-pletely In Love, Listen To Your Momager!
Still Available?: Not in stores, since the Nicole by OPI line has been discontinued, but you can get some of them on eBay.

Colour Is Magic

The Theme: My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic (I think this came out around the time the movie did)
The Brand: China Glaze
Date Released: 2017
Strangest Color Names: Let Your Twilight Sparkle, Where's The Party Cannon At?
Still Available?: Let Your Twilight Sparkle is now a permanent color in China Glaze's line, but you can still find the whole collection on eBay for around 25.00 which isn't too bad for 10 bottles of nail polish. (I'm into that mint green color and may have to get it)

The Giver Collection

The Theme: The Giver
The Brand: China Glaze
Date Released: 2014
Strangest Color Names: Capacity To See Beyond, Givers Theme, Release
Still Available?: You can get them on eBay, but it doesn't look like any of the colors were added to the main collection.

Stranger Tides Collection

The Theme: Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides (The main reason I find this strange is that it's a mostly pastel collection that doesn't fit the movie franchise at all)
The Brand: OPI
Date Released: 2011
Strangest Color Names: Sparrow Me The Drama, Skull and Glossbones
Still Available?: Only on eBay or Amazon from what I can tell.

The Coca Cola Collection

The Theme: Coca-Cola
The Brand: OPI
Date Released: 2014
Strangest Color Names: You're So Vain-illa, Sorry I'm Fizzy Today, Today I've Accomplished Zero
Still Available?: I've found the red one on a couple sites, but other than that eBay or Amazon will be your best bet.

Sour Patch Kids

The Theme: Sour Patch Kids
The Brand: Sally Hansen
Date Released: 2020
Strangest Color Names: First Sour Then Sweet, R.I.P-urple
Still Available?: This is a recent release so yes! Can for sure be found at Ulta or CVS, as well as Amazon.

Fifty Shades of Grey

The Theme: Fifty Shades of Grey
The Brand: OPI
Date Released: 2015
Strangest Color Names: Dark Side Of The Mood, My Silk Tie, Cement The Deal
Still Available?: Other than eBay, it doesn't look like it. It was difficult to try to find out since googling the Fifty Shades of Grey nail polish. collection just gives me every grey nail polish ever.

The Grinch

The Theme: The Grinch
The Brand: China Glaze
Date Released: 2018
Strangest Color Names: Resting Grinch Face, Grinchworthy
Still Available?: Some of them can still be found, but some are only found at eBay or Amazon!

Source: My nail polish obsession
Images are old publicity images from the brands when the collections were released - mostly found on cached sites so I'm linking the brand websites instead - OPI China Glaze Sally Hansen

Nail polish post, ONTD! What are your favorite brands and colors?
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