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The View: Kamala Harris, Leslie Jones, Hot Topics

Panel both days is Whoopi, Joy, Sunny, Sara, Ana.

Friday and Monday combined

More behind the cut

Hot Topics Kamala Harris

First segment: Pence staff having covid and they’re not quarantining, vs Kamala being possibly exposed (tho negative) and how her team reacted. The opposition attacking her in various ways. Her candidacy as the first woc nominee and what a Biden-Harris admin will do for a Black America. A long stump speech portion.

Second segment: how will Biden-Harris admin tone down the temperature from T45 rhetoric which won’t go away just if he loses. More stump speech talking points. Some clarification on fracking position and reconciling any differences. Discussion on future Justice Department vs how T45 has handled it. Voter turnout and enthusiasm she’s seeing. Possible Cabinet positions. She sidesteps re/superstitious but they’re proud of broad coalition formed to defeat T45. The fly. Lool.

Hot Topic #TrumpLiesAmericansDie

Donald Dum Dum walked out of interview with 60 Minutes with Leslie Stahl because he was big mad about her telling him No he can’t spread unverified claims about Hunter and he was called out about his rallies being smaller and everything else she challenged him on. Kayleigh Macaroni brought a paper weight book of exec orders and draft documents as evidence of T45 healthcare plan, which was not at all a healthcare plan. 60 Minutes aired the regular show on Sunday, where Norah O’Donnell talked to two adults and Leslie Stahl talked to a pouty child and a robot.

Mark Meadows Chief of Staff said on Sunday that they can’t control the pandemic. Welp. South Korea, Germany, Taiwan, New Zealand, many other countries, would like to have a word. Covidiot is counting on herd immunity which isn’t supported by the scientists at this point because the infection rate would have to reach +80% but the mortality rate is so high, that could mean millions of American deaths. These idiots should all be charged with criminally negligent homicide. Ps Meadows cancelled, at the last minute, some shows this morning because he was a dum dum yesterday. He claimed he cnc appearances because of unrelated police activity in his neighborhood (true statement) but he can zoom in his home regardless.

Hot Topic Will You Shut Up, Man

The mute button was a benefit. T45 lied his lying lies but he was low key about it, so he got praise, because the bar for Pouty McFussypants is somewhere down below the earth’s core. All the panel liked Kristen Welker as moderator. A lot of talk and laughter about T45 saying he’s the least racist person in the room.

More rage about the kids separated from parents and T45 carnival huckster nonsense about his non-existent healthcare plan and T45 saying we’re rounding the corner, while 5 staff of Pence including Chief of Staff and his bodyman have covid and cases are skyrocketing!

Hot Topic Rudy Colludy Tucks

Borat pranks Rudy. A 24 yr old actress portraying a journalist entices Rudy into a hotel room and proceeds to remove his mic. He lays back on the bed and puts his hand down his pants. Rudy claims he was tucking his shirt loool but then the film dropped on Amazon on Friday and No, he was not. Borat bursts in, claiming the young woman is only 15 yrs old and too old for him. So she’s not really 15 irl, nor would a journalist be 15 irl. But still creepy because of course. The panel laughs a lot about this.

Hot Topic Leslie Jones

Leslie Jones is promoting her new game show Supermarket Sweep. They also talk about the debate, they laugh a lot about T45. They also talk about her efforts to unseat Mitch McConnell.

Hot Topic Zoom Tips and Dilemmas

Zoom is a whole new universe for a lot of people. A parent observed her kid being a tattletale for other kids misbehaving on Zoom. Some Toobin jokes. Panel talks about their listening face and the awkwardness. Showing up on kid’s classes. Zoom is like the car rearview mirror that shows every flaw. More Toobin jokes. Put on clothes and show your hands at all times!

FFA Politics if you need to commiserate the Handmaid SCOTUS vote tonight

Ontd 8 more days LET’S FINISH HIM!

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