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Ryan García, 22, Caught Cheating On Pregnant Fiancée With 18-Year-Old Singer Malu Trevejo

For the Who? / Quien? crowd: Ryan García is a professional Mexican-American boxer. He has one baby momma already (Catherine Gomez) and is currently engaged with Drea Celina with another baby on the way (due in 7 weeks). He was caught last night cheating on his pregnant fiancée at N10 Restaurant with Cuban singer? Malu Trevejo, who recently turned 18 on October 15th.

His fiancée Drea reacted to the photos and video on Instagram, putting his dead beat cheating ass on blast. “Meanwhile I go visit my family he tells me he’s training hard for this fight. But IG SHOWS ME THIS,” she writes. “7 weeks left till i give birth and this piece of shit stay being disgusting. While He barely even see’s rylie his
daughter with @catherinegamez
@kingryang is a HORRIBLE EVIL HUMAN.”

Malu Trevejo took to social media to explain she had no idea he was engaged with another baby on the way. Trevejo mentions that she texted Ryan asking him why he wasn’t honest and he told her that he didn’t tell her he was engaged because they’re “off and on again.” Sure. You can see that video behind the cut.

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