26 Hairdos From TV Shows That Never Should've Seen The Light Of Day

- Serena's hair at Blair's wedding in Gossip Girl
"It was horrible."

- Dexter's wig in flashbacks in Dexter
"I hated every time they did a flashback and put Michael C. Hall in that GOD AWFUL Justin Bieber wig. I get they were trying to make him look younger, but it did not work at all."

- Jane's bangs in Season 2 of Big Little Lies
"I couldn't take her seriously. I liked when Madeleine mentions it as a wink to the audience lol."

- Penny's pixie cut in The Big Bang Theory
"She’s gorgeous and it just didn't suit her."

- Aria's pink highlights in Pretty Little Liars
"Ironically, terrible clip-ins are probably the most relatable teenage girl style choice in a show where a bunch of 15-year-olds were usually dressed head-to-toe in designer with perfect hair, but the pink extensions always make me cringe."


what's the worst hair cut you ever seen??