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ONTD Original: 6 Reasons why Chris Pratt is the (second) worst Chris... but still, pretty bad.

First of all, yes, he's the 2nd worst cause none of us should forget that this pos still exists and he's the actual WORST CHRIS and a waste of air:

[Trigger warning for ugly as hell]

But yeah, Crisp Ratt is pretty bad too... let's take a look at why.

1. That one time a woman literally masturbated to Tom Hiddleston’s performance in Broadway and Chris Pratt tagged him on the news and told him to take it as a compliment.

Pretty self explanatory... 1 out of 5 pieces of shit.

2. He gave away his elderly cat on Twitter

He gave away his elderly cat because the cat used to use the carpet as a litter box, got mad and took twitter to see if anyone wanted it. Luckily it went to a good home... 4 out of 5 pieces of shit.

3. His dog (and Anna Faris'. She's guilty as well) was found homeless on the streets and they were sued for animal neglect.

Have you seen that baby's eyes? Fuck him... 5 out of 5 pieces of shit.

4. He supports right wing extremists, homophobes, climate change deniers, police support groups, and animal rights denies.

i mean, we just had a post about it.

So, he's pretty much a republican. 5 out of 5 pieces of shit (upgraded by popular demand).

5. He exposed himself to Amy Poehler and played it off as a joke even tho NBC sent him a notice.

He even talks about it on the Graham Norton Show. Fuck him and his dick. 4 out of 5 pieces of shit.

6. He gets preachy with religion.

We had a post about it and you should watch it cause it's hilarious. Especially THIS STORY.
2 out of 5 pieces of shit.

Source 1,2,3,4,5,6

ONTD, why do you think Crisp Ratt is the worst? Lil' Sebastian did not die for this bullshit.

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