Marcus Rashford Inspires Grassroots Food Program for Kids in the UK

  • Manchester United forward Marcus Rashford MBE has spent months campaigning against child food poverty in the UK by pressuring the government to fund free meals for low-income students during school holidays.

  • He has cited his own experiences relying on free school meals, food programs and the kindness of others growing up as one of five children of a single mother.

  • He achieved a big win this past June when the Prime Minister agreed to keep funding a meal voucher program over the summer after initially deciding to end it.

  • Rashford, 22, was awarded an MBE earlier this month for services to vulnerable children in the UK during the coronavirus pandemic. (Note: What's an MBE? ← For the non-Brits.)

  • He's continued to campaign on behalf of low-income children, frequently clashing with Tory MPs who insist "it's a parents job to feed their children" and accuse him and others of "virtue signaling" on Twitter.

  • This week, the Labour Party motioned for the meal voucher program to be extended through Easter 2021, but the motion was struck down, 322 votes to 261.

  • In the wake of the news, local businesses and councils throughout England have offered to provide free meals for students during the October holidays, which begin Monday.

  • Marcus Rashford spent nearly 24 hours retweeting announcements from local businesses and councils before signing off. Twitter user @anjali_x created a Google Spreadsheet to attempt to keep all info in one place for ease of access.

A Bit of Backstory

Petition Requesting Expansion of Meal Program

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Comments Ahead of the Planned Vote

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Back & Forth with Tory MPs

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Reaction Following the Vote

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Marcus, you're doing amazing sweetie.