END HA! Chris Pratt exposed for following right extremists, hate groups, anti-LGBT and Police Groups

- In the latest development to end Chris Pratt's relevance, people are bringing the receipts and revealing Chris Pratt follows a bunch of very bad people on IG and Twitter.
- Among the people he follows...

- ~Alleged~ Pedo Kevin Spacey
- Extremist FOX News journalist Tucker Carlson.
- Almost every single Police Support group and FBI LA.
- Known racist Ben Shapiro. lol.
- Duck Dynasty family members, because why not?
- Radical politician Dan Crenshaw.
- Turning Points USA (conservative youth group censored by Twitter and Facebook for their radical views).
- PragerU, a radical youtube account that spill phrases like "police are not biased against black men", "man-made climate change is debatable" and "ugh. humans are more valuable than animals. Say no to animal rights".
- And the list goes on and on...

Also, Chris Pratt gave his statement:


ONTD, how should we call this scandal?
Poll #2105839 How should we call this scandal?

How should we call this scandal?