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The LA Times: The Official Halloween Candy Power Rankings

The LA Times writer Lucas Kwan Peterson is once again back at it, this time ranking your favorite candy just in time for Halloween. “I’ve ranked candy before and I’ll likely do it again,” he writes. “But for this particular piece I’m changing up the metrics a bit: First, I’m judging by taste as well as what I’m calling Spirit of Halloween (SOH) — how much does the candy capture the je ne sais quoi of the season?”

He continues, “Second, I’m judging by Halloween Trade Value (HTV): Everyone knows that a big part of trick-or-treating is swapping candy with your friends and siblings when the evening is over. Certain pieces are worth more than others.”

Behind the cut I’ve highlighted 5 of the 31 listed “candies.” I won’t bother listing no. 1 because it’s obvious which peanut butter chocolate candy got that spot.

28. Popcorn ball

Halloween Trade Value ranking: 22
This...isn’t candy? But I guess.

20. Milky Way

Halloween Trade Value ranking: 14

9. Tootsie Pops

Halloween Trade Value ranking: 7

6. M&M’s

Halloween Trade Value ranking: 4

4. Twix

Halloween Trade Value ranking: 10

For the full list and a detailed description of the ranking, visit the source below.

Tags: food / food industry, ratings / charts

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