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The View: Natalie Portman, Elizabeth Warren

Panel is Whoopi, Joy, Sunny, Sara, and Ana

More behind the cut

Hot Topic Pope Francis Endorses Same-Sex Civil Unions

A new documentary Francesco reveals remarks from the Pope about the gay community and the RCC. It's listed for release at Savannah Film Festival on 25 October but I can't find any other venues.

Sara felt like it was Christmas come early. Excited for the internal approval for people to live their true selves while still being a believer. Her brother is gay and this was very personal to her and her family. Essentially the Pope said God loves all children and that gay people deserve to belong and be a part of the church. Sunny was thrilled with him speaking on behalf of the Catholic Church. RCC still says marriage is between man-woman (vs Pope remarks on civil union) but it’s a huge step in the right direction. Joy is happy and finds it ironic that the head of the RCC is more progressive than the current GOP and SCOTUS. She quotes some stats where most Catholics of varying racial demographics are for gay marriage. Ana feels the RCC should stand for being inclusive and a place where people of faith can find spiritual shelter and now gay people no longer have to withhold who they are. The Jesus [of the New Testament] loves everyone.

Hot Topic Natalie Portman

Natalie Portman is promoting her children’s book Natalie Portman’s Fables. She puts a modern (and more gender-neutral) twist on classic fairy tales. She’s in Australia preparing to shoot Thor with Chremsworth. She talks about being Down Under with her family. They talk about the election and voting. She talks about doing the voice recording for audio version, which was sitting on the floor in her coat closet to create the same effect of a soundproof room. She also talks about Star Wars a bit, her kids are too young to process everything, so they haven’t watched it yet. The hosts really jump around going back n forth between the same few topics, whiplash, whew.

Hot Topic Senator Elizabeth Warren

First segment, they talk about her campaigning for Biden in MN and WI. She’s excited and sees a lot of enthusiasm. Has a lot of stump speech talking points. They talk about the debate tonight. Lol @ her bashing T45. They talk about the Iran-Russia news from FBI last night. Then Obama speech in Philadelphia last night. BeijingBarry lol. They play a clip. Came out punching! Maybe he didn’t convert T45 voters but he stirred up Dem supporters for voter turnout. Her older brother died of covid. [Did we know that, had I forgotten it, what a blur this year has been]. They talk about his situation and T45 coldhearted lack of empathy for mankind about this virus.

Second segment, they talk about Handmaid Hearings. Senate Judiciary Committee Democrats not only boycotted the vote, but they put in their seats cardboard cutouts of people impacted by healthcare. EW has a plan (of course!) that she lays out. Biden says in upcoming 60 Mins interview that he wants a bipartisan commission to look at overhauling the justice system. EW elaborates, this could include term limits, etc. [Needs to have minimum job requirement specs too because ACB is legit -unqualified- at this point in her career]. They talk about Feinstein hugging Graham. Schumer had a “long talk with her”. EW sidesteps it, doesn’t know what Schumer said. She’s focused on winning the Senate and the next 12 days of the election and voter turnout.

Last segment, they talk about stimulus [which is never going to happen because McConnell wants to saddle a new Democratic WH with the baggage and blowback of austerity measures to fix the broken economy, but they tried it with Obama in 2009 yet he still won re-election so bloop]. They talk about the rumors that Biden is thinking of GOP for some Cabinet appointments, whereas AOC said she felt that bipartisan agreement is a vintage idea. [For starters, remember people float stories as job applications, so who knows how much this is true or to what degree). EW tells a story about hearing aids where she worked with both parties to get the cost down, that got signed into law during T45 sh|tshow, so she feels there are areas where both parties want the same thing on certain topics, whereas there will be fights over other topics.

Ontd tonight’s the night, get your coping foods and beverages stocked up!

I’ll have a Live Viewing debate post up later

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