north hollywood henry (kwoneunbi) wrote in ohnotheydidnt,
north hollywood henry

"Euphoria" is back(ish)! The first of the two bridge eps between S1 and S2 will air on December 6th

- Season 2 of Euphoria was supposed to start filming in March of this year, but got pushed back because of COVID. As far as we know, it's set to start back up again early next year.
- Zendaya mentioned in an interview with InStyle Magazine a few months back that they were currently working on "bridge episodes" that take place between season 1 and season 2 as a treat for the viewers while they wait for S2. The first one of the two bridge eps is set to air on December 6th.
- It's the first new episode of "euphoria" in over a year even if it's just a special.
- UPDATE: The first of said bridge eps is also gonna be a Christmas special that takes place right after S1 ended and will feature Colman Domingo as Ali.


thoughts? idk if they'll be shorter or longer than the regular eps, but either way, i'm intrigued.
Tags: euphoria (hbo), television - hbo, zendaya

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