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ONTD Original: Fictional Problematic Faves

Inspired by my own dumb comment in the post about MBJ and Static Shock, I decided to manifest my dreams and make a post about my fictional problematic faves. Remember kids: there's nothing wrong with stanning a fictional character. They're not real and are created solely for our entertainment. Normally I wouldn't put that disclaimer out there but I've seen an ONTD member shamed for liking Dwight Schrute so there you go.

Enjoy my horrible, rotted taste in characters that span across various genres in media listed in no particular order.

[Faves under the cut!]
Tywin Lannister (Game of Thrones)

Why he's a fave: I don't really like Tywin in the books, but Charles Dance brings so much nuance to the character. Tywin is a mastermind in strategy both on and off the battlefield and he exudes confidence. And his VOICE.
Why he's problematic: Forced Tyrion to divorce his first wife (among other things), forced both Tyrion and Cersei to marry people they didn't want to, ordered the deaths of countless people, including a defenseless mother and her children, and lots more! He's not a nice dude.

Wilhemina Slater (Ugly Betty)

Why she's a fave: Wilhemina Slater is who I want to be when I grow up. She is smart, gorgeous, confident, and says/does whatever she wants. She never hides her ambitions, plus she's amazing at what she does and she knows it. Like Tywin, Vanessa Williams is able to bring moments of vulnerability to the character when it comes to the few people she cares about.
Why she's problematic: She blackmails, cheats, steals, and maniuplates anyone to get what she wants. This includes constatnly trying to tear apart the Meade family, even going so far as to convince Bradford Meade to divorce his wife Claire (who is also a fave, god bless you Judith Light) and then digs up his dead body to get his sperm so that she can have his child in order to have a stake in the company.

Louise Belcher (Bob's Burgers)

Why she's a fave: While the youngest of the Belcher siblings, Louise is the leader of the pack. She's incredibly witty, resourceful, and is constantly hatching up plans. She can go from playing innocent to mean in a second flat, and can spin almost any situation in her favor. Louise always looks out for #1, but she won't let anyone but her mess with her family.
Why she's problematic: She has no problem with unpaid labor and often verbally and emotionally (and physically a few times) abuses Tina and Gene.

John Thorton (North & South)

Why he's a fave: Move over, Mr. Darcy! John Thorton is here with his sexy voice and un-gentleman like manners. Portrayed by Richard Artimage in the BBC mini-sieries, John Thorton is a brooding man who's worked his whole life to provide for his mother and sister and is running his own factory by the time he meets the love of his life, Margaret Hale. He is a man who values truth and detremination, but isn't so stubborn that he's not willing to change his mind if given a few months of intense British arguing/debating. Every time I hear him say "look back at me" I die a little inside.
Why he's problematic: He's incredibly anti-union and exploits the plight of the Irish to keep his factory going while his workers are on strike. He comes around on the unions, but let's be honest: he'd probably be the guy saying "why are they destroying property if they want change???" today.

Azula (Avatar: The Last Airbender)

Why she's a fave: If you look up the term "bad bitch extrodinare" Azula's picture will appear. At 14 years old, Azula has done more in her life than any of us ever will in ours combined. She's a firebending prodigy, a battlefied tactician, and a master of The Game. She's cunning and clever and is always one step ahead of everyone else around her and makes sure they know it: "Don't flatter yourself. You were never even a player." Azula has a lot of trouble showing it because of her childhood trauma but she's capable of affection when nobody is looking.
Why she's problematic: The biggest difference between Azula and Zuko is that one enjoys being the real life equivalent of a Nazi's child and the other doesn't. Guess which one is Azula (till the comics apparently?)

Lotor (Voltron: Legendary Defender)

Why he's a fave: Lotor has been travelling around the universe for 10,000 years with his all female crew when he's brought in to take over the Galran Empire. He's smoothe, intelligent, and suave as hell. His voice is like butter and his hair is amazing. By far the most interesting character on the show, this user is still confused to this day why season 6 went down the way that it did. Regardless, Lotor and Allura filled the Zutara void in my heart and I'll never forgive the writers for what happened.
Why he's problematic: I guess you could consider tricking an entire race of people to come live on a planet in hiding and then using their energy to fuel experiments as problematic but I personally chose not to accept that story arc as canon. But he also hunted down Team Voltron a lot and used tortue (either at his own hands or by his crew's) on prisoners.

Lucille Bluth (Arrested Development)

Why she's a fave: I could go on why Lucille Bluth is a staple of our culture but if you have to ask then my response is "I don't understand the question and I won't respond to it."
Why she's problematic: She's a rich white lady who's gunna rich white lady by being racist, sexist, homophobic, and encouraging her daughter's ED.

Scarlett O'Hara (Gone with the Wind)

Why she's a fave: I was debating putting Scarlett in this post. In fact, you are well within your right to hate the book/movie and the character. However, I believe that she's still a very interesting character and has many dimensions to her. Scarlett O'Hara knows when to put on the charm and when to roll up her sleeves to get things done. Going from wealthy to broke after the Civil War, Scarlett does everything in her power to ensure that she and her family never go hungry again. She's no feminist icon, but she's an admirable heroine with unshaking determination to always have the better things in life.
Why she's problematic: Her family owned slaves, she tricked not 1 but 2 men into marrying her (and one of the dudes was initially dating her sister, so big yikes), she strings along Rhett Butler for his money until the very end, and uses prisoners of war as free/slave labor.

Honorable Mentions
Angela (The Office): She's such a bitch. I'd hate to work with her IRL, but I love watching her on my TV.
Michael (The Good Place): He has the sunny disposition of a friendly used car salesman, but has spent his entire demon life torturing humans.
Franklin (GTA 5): I don't care that he's a thief and crashes cars and kills people. I love him just as much as my other video game son, Sora.
The Grand High Witch (The Witches): She's rich, hates kids, and knows how to work a room. Honestly this slot could be filled with most characters that Angelica Huston has played. Or just Angelica Huston. I love her.

ONTD, who are some of your problematic fictional faves? Do you hate this list? If so, comment below and see what happens.

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