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Real Housewives of Potomac 5.12 "OP Misses T'Challa but His Momma Acting A Fool" Recap 🐦

- Wendy and Ofwendy are having a sip 'n' see for their baby, but will it live up to the boughettoness of Phaedra's Pickle Sucking Paternity Pictures? Honestly though, they are such an incredibly cute family.
- The Nosy Sugar Baby in her Miss Bellum cosplay takes SweatyBack ClosedSteakhouse to couples therapy. He is essentially jealous of his baby and feels isolated because his dad that he cheats. Hopefully we address his incessant need to grope the RHOP production crew.
- Juan is outchea looking GOODT! Does wherever the fuck Coppin State is need a science teacher because OP is ready to see him in real life. (OP on her Lily James shit)
- We get brief glimpses of Blu Cantrell 1's questionable choices, Blu Cantrell 2's Elaine dance skills, and Professor Chaos inviting the Nosy Sugar Baby to the sip n see (maybe so she can yell at her again about babies)
- MLMonique has been blockedT from the events
- Ray and Kurn 🥺
- We know Her Brokeness took like $50 and bought some wholesale hats on AliExpress, but hey, when you owe the IRS. And the kids helping her - teamwork makes the scheme work!
- Pageant Peanut Butter Foundation is on her way to the courthouse to press charges. Dorothy says that she will be the only one to pop off at Candiace
- Y'all know Ashley snuck that Corona into the sip n see! You know Wendy wasn't having that shit there!
- We startin with the elevated tones. The Nosy Sugar Baby shoulda sat there and ate her food.
- Is this white man Candiace's bouncer or her spouse?
- Eddy's parents didn't show 🥺
- baby Kamryn needs to run OP's broke ass a few of dem dollars

"Congratulations, not for long."
Tags: reality show - bravo, the real housewives (bravo)
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