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ONTD Original: '90s cartoons that only lasted one season

I've been watching Gargoyles on Disney+ these days and very quickly fell down the Wiki hole of 90s cartoons with darker themes. I was pleasantly reminded of a show I coveted called Cybersix. As I read over the plot, the memories came flooding back. I began to reminisce over other 90s cartoons that were unfortunately shorted-lived.


For those of you who have never heard of Cybersix, it was a comic book turned cartoon that was clearly the source material for the TV show Dark Angel (which I also loved). The bad guy is a mad scientist named Von Reichter. He works on experiments in South America, creating the Cyber Series, artificial humanoids with super strength and agility. The 5000 original Cybers became servants, mimicked human emotions and making their will. When they disobey orders, Reichter orders them all to be destroyed. Cyber-6 is one of the survivors, who escapes and arrives in the city of Meridiana. She disguises herself as school teacher Adrian Seidelman, after the real one is killed in a car wreck. While saving the city from Reichter's creations, Cybersix defeats Frankenstein-like monsters called "Fixed Ideas" and drinks green sustenance liquids, in order to survive.


Andy French is an aspiring cartoonist who has trouble holding a job or a girlfriend even while he rooms with two other eccentric roommates in an apartment in the Mission Hill area of the city of Cosmopolis. The fact that he has to house his obnoxiously precocious younger brother, Kevin, is no help. However, this quartet of disparate individuals manages to struggle through life's bizarre trials even as they learn to get along.

18 episodes were planned but only 13 were actually made.


The series follows the story of The Maxx, a homeless man who believes he is a superhero. The Maxx shifts between the real world and a dream world, which he refers to as The Outback, which is just as real to him as the real world. His only friend is Julie Winters, a "freelance social worker."


Set in Little Tokyo, a mechanical city which fuses feudal Japanese culture with contemporary culture, and is populated by cybernetic anthropomorphic animals. The city is nominally led by Emperor Fred, a doddering eccentric. The city's actual leadership lies in the hands of the city council and the emperor's daughter, Princess Violet. The council is headed by ambitious Prime Minister Seymour "The Big" Cheese, a rat who constantly plots to overthrow the Emperor. Big Cheese is aided by his inept minions: trusted adviser Jerry Atric and Bad Bird, the leader of an army of ninja crows.

Unknown to the prime minister, council member and palace guard commander "Big Al" Dente has learned of his designs on leadership, but is unable to prosecute him for treason because of the plausible deniability he maintains. Instead, Al Dente enlists the services of Speedy Cerviche, Polly Esther, and Guido Anchovy, three cyborg cat samurai who work in the city's pizzeria, along with their operator Francine.[6] Known collectively as the Samurai Pizza Cats, the three are assigned to stop Big Cheese and his evil henchmen's plans to take over Little Tokyo

ONTD, fav obscure 90s cartoon?


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