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The View: Mark Cuban, Hot Topics

Panel is Joy, Sunny, Sara, and Ana

Friday Show + FFA Politics

More behind the cut

Hot Topic #BoycottNBC Dueling Town Hall Recap

Biden was Mister Rogers and stayed 47 hours after the Town Hall ended, still talking to members of the audience, in fact, he may still be there. Pouty McFussypants lied, lied, and lied again, refused to denounce Qanon (remember they claim Democrats are satan-worshipping ped0philes), got smacked around by Savannah Guthrie, he was misogynistic, and crazy lady (who is apparently a Dem voter irl?!) said he had a nice smile. Yikes. Bobble head nodding lady stole the T45 show.

Hot Topic #BoycottNBC Senator Ben Sasse is Trying It

In a purposefully leaked phone call, Senator Ben Sasse (R-NE) said all the things that (cough) decent Republicans (cough) /oxymoron/ should’ve been saying out loud and publicly for the last four years. Cowards, 3 years 11 months and 2 weeks too late. A pox on all of them. Anyway, it wasn’t a leak, he was talking to 17,000 of his constituents or whatever. ps Rudy Colludy’s daughter also published an article in Vanity Fair saying please vote for Biden-Harris. (And on the evangelical front, Billy Graham's granddaughter also basically did the same, though she didn't name 'Biden')

Here’s the audio; there are subtitles so you don’t need to use sound Tweet

Hot Topic #BoycottNBC Mark Cuban

First segment, they debrief on the Town Halls. Biden performed the way you’d expect a President to behave, while T45 was a petulant child whose body language made it clear he didn’t want to hear from anyone who didn’t support him. Some talk on taxes since he’s a businessman. Cuban talks about businesses and the impact on them from bad leadership (T45), because if you have civil unrest, then you can’t run your business, same with covid. Moves on to voter turnout. Dallas Mavericks arena is a polling and voter center. Huge benefit to the community. Volunteers working the polls deserve all the credit. Voter turnout is phenomenal so far, and that’s great. Then they talk about the stimulus package. (This part is boring, because McConnell isn’t going to let anything pass a Senate vote that Dems think is necessary for people vs corporations, but it wouldn't be a surprise for McConnell to pretend to cave, to try and save GOP Senate just before Election Day). They talk about disproportionate demographics being affected, particularly women leaving the workforce and not returning (because they’re supposed to homeschool the kids!)

Second segment, breaking news during the show that Biden ratings beat T45 despite Donald Dum Dum being on 3 channels. Cuban said his daughter told him there was a movement on TikTok to watch Biden to embarrass Trump. Lol the kids are our future! Then they move on to T45 +$400M in debt and how that compromises him. Then they talk about T45 saying stupid stuff about him having covid.

Last segment Cuban promotes Shark Tank and talks about returning the show during the pandemic. The season premiere was last Friday.

Ontd do you have alcohol in stock for last debate on Thursday?

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