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Randy Arozarena and his powerful boots lead the TB Rays to their 2nd AL pennant

- The Tampa Bay Rays defeated the loathsome Astros in ALCS Game 7, in part due to the performances of Ji-man Choi and rookie Randy Arozarena. The Rays had let the Astros come back from a 3-0 series deficit, making everyone worry the cheaters would get a chance at a semi-legit World Series title, but pulled it off in the end. They won their first pennant in 2008, which was also A Year.

- After being named the first rookie position player to win the ALCS MVP title, Arozarena showed off the power boots he stolelongterm-borrowed from teammate Brent Honeywell at the beginning of the postseason.

- He’s been stealing cowboy boots from teammates for good luck and home runs since playing in the Mexican Winter League in 2017.

- Fun Fact for People who Hate the Cardinals: this past January, they traded Arozarena and another outfielder to the Rays for magic beans a pitching prospect and a catching prospect.

- The Rays will face either the Atlanta Braves or LA Dodgers, two perennial postseason disappointments — so whichever team blows it the least tonight — to try to win their first World Series title.

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I’m cold, so it’s officially boot season. Do you have power boots? What do they look like?
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