Sparkachu Maelworth (microworlds) wrote in ohnotheydidnt,
Sparkachu Maelworth

'Home Improvement' actor Zachery Ty Bryan arrested in Oregon

Moving on from propositioning my sister at a local bar and yelling "you probably got your shoes from Ross!" at her after her rejection, Zachery Ty Bryan, 39, was arrested in Oregon based on allegations that he strangled and assaulted his girlfriend.

The Eugene Police Department found Bryan sitting outside his North Eugene apartment, and his girlfriend, 27, at a neighbor's apartment.

According to the source, "Bryan reportedly assaulted the victim, impeded her breathing, and took her phone away when she tried to call 911, police said. The victim declined medical assistance."

Bryan has been booked at the Lane County jail.

Bryan announced his separation from his wife earlier this month, plagiarizing Armie Hammer’s announcement about his separation with Elizabeth Chambers. No word from him, his wife and 4 kids, or his lawyers/representatives at this time.


Tags: arrest / arrest warrant, violence / domestic abuse

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So isn’t problematic from this show? Didn’t the other brother have issues, too? And JTT has stayed hidden for years.


October 18 2020, 08:01:41 UTC 4 months ago Edited:  October 18 2020, 08:16:13 UTC

I think the youngest brother just got married really young, at like 17, and then bounced out of acting.

Edit: the woman he married was 15 years older than him, so she should probably be in jail.
Isn't JTT living in Silverlake pretending he's just an ally ?

Deleted comment

I think Richard Karn is on PEN15 now.

At least that looked like him.

Deleted comment

Fuck him. I hope she stays safe.
I was reading comments about this on reddit and users were saying how strangling is a strong precursor to gun violence, and god that just freaks me right out because you know he'll be back out sooner or later, having no part of his personality changed, and this woman just gets to be in danger from him for the rest of his life???
shit like this is why I stay trapped between "Abolish all prisons" and "Some people just need to be locked up and there's no fixing that"
Right like Timothy mcveigh
when crack rocks are often punished more severely than grievous bodily harm or sexual offenses, it's easy to lose faith in the justice system
i urge to to consider that most people who "need to b locked up" w no fixing r also victims of capitalism and white supremacy
MTE. Of course we need massive prison reform, but personally I find it pretty much impossible to be a feminist and a person who pays (some) attention to true crime and then also be 100% anti-carceral. There are too many people [men] out there who just plain hate women and are dangerous.
Same :/
Ugh, diaf. Or death by popping his face like a balloon.

I do have to say though I'm loving all the "Eugene??" reactions in this post. Hey PNW ONTDers!
The reason I’m reading all the comments, tbh...
I turn into such a DORK whenever Eugene is mentioned in the news or on TV
lol gonna make me have to google this shit, I've never heard of Eugene..
I moved to america in 1999 and when I first saw home improvement, I knew he would be the uggo.
This ducking vile of puke.

Weeks ago I was stalking deon sawa’s insta and learned their still friends and devon’s liberal hates trump and in a post someone called him out on being friends and he’s like yeah I’m trying to educate him or something like that .

And then I check out zach’s page which has all this pro-dump trash on it and lookie lookie - he turns out to be a domestic abuser- sounds correct!
Maybe we should institute some sort of standardized testing to demand accountability of all these racism educators, because I’m afraid our d-list conservative celebs aren’t learning
lol i love devon sawa's insta and I remember him saying that about this trash. He was like, meh shrugs...I'm trying to teach him
I guess my thought process is, if everyone gives up what happens?

Devons in a place of privilege and has nothing to fear from this POS. If he gives up, there’s zero hope.

Isn’t this exactly what people mean when they say ‘white people collect your trash?’
I see what u mean. I wasn’t making a dig at dev.

I was really just telling u how I came to discover zachs Page and see he’s garbage that now - surprise- abuses women.


4 months ago

He looks exactly the same
WHy are you smiling in your mugshot.
It's prob the most he's been photographed in years
lmaooooo fuck
So that hairline is what was under that hair
damn, Thor.
Blast from the past with the YPGYSFR post!
It really sucks how many men abuse their partners.
He’s so ugly. It must’ve been terrifying, that poor woman. Hopefully she doesn’t return to him and things work out for her.
What a piece of shit.

Also, wow, I can’t believe you’re the original shoes from Ross poster! I’m sorry this piece of shit is your news beat?
He's trash just like his tv daddy
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