hellicoptajuuce (hellicoptajuuce) wrote in ohnotheydidnt,

Wonho Vlog and Behind the scenes round up

A round up post for Wenees (Wonho's fandom name).

  • Wonho working out

  • Wonho getting his hair and makeup done

  • Trying on outfits for the MV/performances

  • Splitting his pants

  • Making snacks for his cats

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Tags: behind the scenes, celebrity pets / animals, cpop / jpop / kpop, music / musician
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Thank you for the amazing recap OP
weird to think that wasn't even his final form yet!
He has gotten bigger since

He should stop, right now his head looks small compared to his body, imo in alligator he looked very well

But again I'm not a weenie so what do I know?
I wish I could have his body.

I hate the nosejob, though.
Stewie the weenie!
Ive watched the Open Mind hanbok dance practice a lot. I love it. Hes so cute
I LOVED that vid... wasn't expecting that. * v *
His body is GOALS. He is so cute.
ngl idc about cooking or exercising vids but i love him ❤️❤️❤️ it will never happen, but i hope to see him with monsta x somehow one day
i got to see Monsta X live last year, they were saying they would comeback in 2020 and i predicted one of the members was going to leave I didn't think it would be Wonho
i saw them last year too for their worldwide tour :( at least we got to see them as 7 i guess?

btw who did you think would leave?


1 week ago


1 week ago

A TRUE visionary in himbo culture. And speaking of visions -


October 18 2020, 05:20:01 UTC 1 week ago Edited:  October 18 2020, 05:20:31 UTC

king of fanservice lbr

lets not forget that one time he did a vlive IN THE SHOWER
he's such a THOT - no surprise considering open mind's lyrics LOL - and I live!
Was the moon actually shown in the rest of that vid? Or was that a double entandre? This himbo rn... XD
Lmao i hate him omg
We love a man who knows what his audience wants
This is killing me, he didn't even move the camera! 😭
i'm done lmao
He's so hot.
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October 18 2020, 06:35:27 UTC 1 week ago Edited:  October 18 2020, 06:35:53 UTC

i just love him so much
This man really showed us every side of himself in these videos. Cooking for himself, working out in short shorts shirtless, cooking for his cats... His two cats are the cutest. Fans buy little hats and stuff for them and he posts photos on fancafe of them.

But I mean, for real. He’s adorable. And I love that he’s doing so much for fans.


October 18 2020, 11:48:36 UTC 1 week ago Edited:  October 18 2020, 11:49:10 UTC

Goshdangit... I didn't know he had these kinds of vids! Thanks for this OP *subscribes on em all* I'm a relatively new Wonho follower. ^^;;
Muscular men are not really my thing, but he's the exception. He's so cute and funny that I can't help it
they knew what they were doing when they put that thumbnail of him in the gym shirtless 🥵🤤 he so my type. yum
Wonho’s got the cute booty right?
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