Tyler Blackburn of Roswell/Pretty Little Liars fame "oops, I may be white?"


-Tyler Blackburn recently was a guest on the Pretty Little Liars Wine Moms recap podcast hosted by Lesley Fera (Veronica Hastings), Holly Marie Combs (Ella Montgomery), and Nia Peeples (Pam Fields). Each episode features a special guest from the series, varying from actresses to crew members.

-In said podcast Tyler talks about his two most notable roles Caleb Rivers on PLL and and Alex Manes on Roswell New Mexico and how he almost lost out on the roles because they wanted the characters to be ethnic and how he ultimately won them because he believed he was part Native American.

-In the podcast he reveals the following:
Tyler Blackburn (TB): No actually I didn’t get the role at first [of Caleb] because they were like ‘we really think he needs to be like eth— like really ethnic. We need some ethnic diversity.’
Lesley: Oh, okay
TB: Um, and I was like
Nia: But what are you?
Holly: And you’re not?
Lesley: But you’re like… Hello part Indian.
TB: Well…
Lesley: I mean part Native American I mean.
TB: (chuckles) No, I’m actually not. I’m actually not, I found out.

-Tyler goes on to say that his father had told him that his great grandmother was Cherokee, but a 23 and Me test results indicated that he didnt have any Native American in him.

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