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Tyler Blackburn of Roswell/Pretty Little Liars fame "oops, I may be white?"


-Tyler Blackburn recently was a guest on the Pretty Little Liars Wine Moms recap podcast hosted by Lesley Fera (Veronica Hastings), Holly Marie Combs (Ella Montgomery), and Nia Peeples (Pam Fields). Each episode features a special guest from the series, varying from actresses to crew members.

-In said podcast Tyler talks about his two most notable roles Caleb Rivers on PLL and and Alex Manes on Roswell New Mexico and how he almost lost out on the roles because they wanted the characters to be ethnic and how he ultimately won them because he believed he was part Native American.

-In the podcast he reveals the following:
Tyler Blackburn (TB): No actually I didn’t get the role at first [of Caleb] because they were like ‘we really think he needs to be like eth— like really ethnic. We need some ethnic diversity.’
Lesley: Oh, okay
TB: Um, and I was like
Nia: But what are you?
Holly: And you’re not?
Lesley: But you’re like… Hello part Indian.
TB: Well…
Lesley: I mean part Native American I mean.
TB: (chuckles) No, I’m actually not. I’m actually not, I found out.

-Tyler goes on to say that his father had told him that his great grandmother was Cherokee, but a 23 and Me test results indicated that he didnt have any Native American in him.

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Well now his character on Roswell is going to bother me because he's half native on there.
His character was one of my least favorites anyway. But, I may be mistaken because I missed a lot of last season, but I think his brothers are played by white guys.
That's a shame if true.


2 days ago

how quaint of him
So I’m adopted and took one of those DNA tests since I have zero biological family information. According to the results, I’m 66% Native American (mestizo). Never in my life have I ever thought about claiming Native American ancestry. Not on the census, not my college applications, nothing. I ask, what the EFFF are you doing, random d-list celebrity?
I was watching the Son of a Trickster show on CBC and there are SO many talented First Nations actors on it. So anyone who says there isn't a big pool of talent out there is full of shit.
thanks for this reminder! I read the book but keep forgetting to check out the show.
I hope that show comes to the States at some point. Loved the books and really want to see and support the show.
I was going to watch this. That's the thing that pissed me off the most about what he said above. A "small pool"? Ew.
Suuuuuuch a good show!
i'll never get why white people are always looking to be something other than white. I'm know i'm white and I was glad to find out when i did one of those DNA things that all those hours of genealogy work I did matched to what I had following a genealogy paper trail.
Whitey whites are wild. I did one of those DNA tests and it said I was 23 percent Native American and 12 percent African, yet I would NEVER claim to be anything other than the white Latino that I am.
nnn i'm sure this is extremely common for swarthy looking white men
LOL this is so fucked
“That’s awesome”

What about that is awesome?
Right?! I did a triple take there. Wtf.
Every single relative of mine going back generations is Canadian, except for ONE great grandmother, who was born in Scotland.

I do not go around telling people I'm Scottish.

Even if this dude's story was true that he thought his great-grandmother was native american, IT WOULDN'T HAVE MADE HIM NATIVE AMERICAN, especially since in this story the only connection he had to that (fake) culture is the fact that his dad told him that it was true. It's not even like the culture or traditions were passed down.

Casting directors ain't shit. Great grandmother don't count. If someone asks you point blank "do you identify as such and such" and you say no, then why are you taking roles from someone who actually does identify as such and such
It really seems like they just wanted ANY percentage and didn’t care to fact check.
On the one hand, I guess he could have quit.
On the other hand, they didn't ask for proof, they wanted to believe because it fit the production's agenda.
Me as I read this whole post:

Holly: Who the fuck (Video cuts out)
Lol being befuddled that the casting asked for someone with actual NA ancestry to play a half NA character is very on-brand for HMC.
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