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Adrianne Palicki reflects on failed Wonder Woman pilot

-Back in 2011 DC was ready to try to bring Wonder Woman back into the public eye with a new live action tv show.

-NBC had committed to a pilot and put David E. Kelly (Ally McBeal/Big Little Lies) at the helm of the show. A guy who had no action or comic book knowledge.

-Adrianne Palicki won the coveted role of Wonder Woman who would have 3 identities in the pilot: Diana Prince (private), Diana Themiscrya (public), and Wonder Woman (when in action)

-Adrianne states that she loved working on the pilot, it was a dream to wear the (plastic) WW suit, and loved playing 3 different versions of WW.

-Elizabeth Hurley was cast as WWs arch nemesis Veronica Cale, Tracie Thoms as the first black Etta Candy, Pedroa Pascal as a Police Commissioner, and Justin Bruening as Steve Trevor.

-Adrianne was saddened when the pilot didnt get picked up and believes that had it waited one or two years to be produced that it would've been a shoe in as Arrow premiered a year later and ushered in a renewed interest in Superheroes on tv.

-TheCW would later go on to attempt a tv series titled "Amazons" that would focus on Themiscrya but it never got out of the scripting phase. Wonder Woman would later go on to get her big screen debut but of course is now banished from appearing on television.

Tags: dc comics, pedro pascal, television - nbc, wonder woman

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That costume was soooooo bad D:
The costume totally killed that project, no one believed in that WW after that
Oof that costume is not good. I haven’t seen agents of shield in a while, but she was a good Bobbi
I still dont understand how DC/WB allowed the script and costume to be produced.
That costume...even Summer Roberts did a better job

She is so cute
That Pilot was SO GODDAMN BAD. Unspeakably bad.

I watched this because Pedro Pascal was in it and not even he could save it. It was really, really bad.

I remember a video, where they said even the porn version of wonder woman had better costuming compared to this party city mess
I still remember when a scene from the pilot leaked, and someone on here was like, "it looks like she showed up the fuck them all to death"

I remember the pics of that costume. Assuming we're thinking of the same parody, they were right.

Deleted comment

Yep, I remember there were photos of them side by side and the difference was sooo bad.

The whole show looked so cheap it was just sad.
That could turn out really, really bad that it’d shelve WW in a super tight locked vault permanently
i still truly can't believe this costume got approval
the hair just does not work
It’s amazing how they made her look so ugly
Yeah this is not good
It's alright for Halloween
oh o no no no no honey no
Did she have surgery on her face or anything? I don't remember her face looking so round in Agents of Shield
i just can't even imagine how uncomfortable this was to wear.
The top is ok but those pants are sooo bad
This costume looks like it came from party city

no offense to party city
Everyone's talking about the costume but what about that damn wig?

I like Adrianne.
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