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I Almost Died In The Arctic: Rainn Wilson

Actor Rainn Wilson talks about his experiences when he was travelling in Greenland, filming a documentary about climate change. He explains that while he was with his wife exploring a very desolate town in the country, their tour guide suddenly leaves them. During the time the guide was gone, Wilson and his wife walked around the town, wondering where their tour guide went as the weather got colder and while they were without cellphone service. Fortunetly however, their tour guide eventually did return to them, only five hours later. During that time, Wilson and his wife thought that he was never going to come back and if push came to shove, they would have had to eat the sled dogs that were chained up nearby.

Bit of an exaggeration? Maybe.


Have you had a near-death experience/s, ontd? 
Tags: actor / actress

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