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I Almost Died In The Arctic: Rainn Wilson

Actor Rainn Wilson talks about his experiences when he was travelling in Greenland, filming a documentary about climate change. He explains that while he was with his wife exploring a very desolate town in the country, their tour guide suddenly leaves them. During the time the guide was gone, Wilson and his wife walked around the town, wondering where their tour guide went as the weather got colder and while they were without cellphone service. Fortunetly however, their tour guide eventually did return to them, only five hours later. During that time, Wilson and his wife thought that he was never going to come back and if push came to shove, they would have had to eat the sled dogs that were chained up nearby.

Bit of an exaggeration? Maybe.


Have you had a near-death experience/s, ontd? 
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We went white water rafting on our honeymoon in New Zealand and I thought we were going to die. Apparently the river had been super low for months but it had rained the whole night before and it was rising and super ragey. We had to stop and beach the rafts a few times so the guides could hike ahead to look at the water and figure out how we'd get through. Once our raft was going to flip but two people fell out and it got rebalanced. They had also warned us before going out that there was old mining equipment on the bottom of the river, so if you fell in you had to keep your feet up lest you get a leg caught in the equipment and drown.
holy shit??
Motorcycling Northern Vietnam during a monsoon with a french man I met the day before. I had never driven a motorcycle before, only a scooter a few weeks before. I still can't beleive my luck.
But how was the sex otherwise
Incredibly sensual while also being incredibly withholding.
Sounds like a plot for a movie.
"...they would have had to eat the sled dogs that were chained up nearby."

How about you let the sled dogs eat you? Seems like a more worthwhile* exchange.

*I hate The Office.
And to answer OP's question, my near death experiences have always seemed to be in cars in rural parts of foreign countries, because they love their one-lane roads (Iceland, driving zigzag down the face of a cliff to get from the top of the valley to the bottom... Ireland, squeezing past a truck on the side of a small hill...)
I live in LA so have nearly escaped being hit by cars while driving and walking many times. Nothing video worthy
One time in college I was hanging out with my friends drinking and smoking weed on the roof of a parking garage and I almost slipped over the edge (it was like 6 stories high) because I was being an idiot and dicking around. My friends I was with literally thought I fell for a split second. That would have been the worst day of their lives that’s for sure 😬
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During the time the guide was gone, Wilson and his wife walked around the town

You were going to eat the dogs but couldn't bother knocking on a door?
He said it's an abandoned town, but there are sled dogs left there (for.. some reasons).
Leave Greenland alone.


October 18 2020, 12:27:47 UTC 3 months ago Edited:  October 18 2020, 12:28:30 UTC

When I was in Miami, there was a shooting on the street of my hotel and the very next night some super drunk aggressive guy confused his hotel room door with ours and started shouting and literally kicked in the door. I was so scared because I initially thought it might have had something to the prior shooting.

/maybe that’s just a normal day for Americans though but I’ve never seen a gun in my life besides that day
Idk if I could have died, but I was on my uncle's farm when I was about 4. I dared my cousin to race down and back to this shady patch of bramble, but she double-dared me, so I couldn't chicken out cuz I was the youngest.

So I ran down and of course tripped like the klutz I am and fell into a thorn bush. I had to get stripped down, butt naked, laid on a blanket while my mom plucked every thorn from my skin. I will never mistake how crazy painful thorns can be. Anyway, I was bleeding everywhere so they had to pour buckets of ice cold water on me from the well. And then while I was there drying in the sun, a cobra came and tried to bite me, but the guy who worked on my uncle's farm started yelling at the cobra in some language and shook a stick and scared it away.... Legit the craziest experience. Also almost drowned in a pool later but got saved.

I feel like my life might be a final destination movie.

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