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Free For All Saturday

Make good choices this weekend!
No porn, nudes, pic spamming, fighting, advertising, rudeness, huge browser slowing comments.

Put multiple images/tweets, etc. under a spoiler cut (code is below):

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I'm watching Jurassic World and its just a bunch of arrogant people making selfish decisions. At least the original was about greed.
it makes me irrationally angry that the assistant gets a really brutal, drawn-out death that was totally undeserved
Yeah that was a villains death

Such an odd choice
and it was the first woman to be killed in a JP movie iirc? her death was so brutal


3 months ago

Decided to read a book as a form of escape to get away from MCAT studying, post-bacc studying and work in the hopes of relaxing. And of course I read "The System" about the ills of capitalism - well capitalism for the every day man and socialism for the rich.

Why do I choose to get my blood pressure up on purpose?
i'm trying to read rn but this book is boring and all i can think about is WORK ugh. this is not a fun saturday night
I hate carrying the weight of conversation on dating apps. This guy will give lengthy responses but he never asks a question in return. I want a boyfriend but I’m too lazy to do this w/people. 😐
i have the same issue. men are just lazy on apps.
So many men are like this. They don't seem to understand that conversation is like volleyball.


October 17 2020, 23:43:20 UTC 3 months ago Edited:  October 17 2020, 23:43:54 UTC

So today I trained to do laser tattoo removal and tbh it was Much more difficult to hurt people than I anticipated and I almost cried because I felt like a failure but I’m home now acting like I did a great job. I really hope I can do this as a job because I want to help women who’ve been trafficked for free that’s my main goal here but omg I’m so stressed and feel like I suck.

And yes it was a one day training
Did ladylike leave buzzfeed? I’m suddenly getting Kristin and jen’s channel recommended to me
Yeah, Kristin left Buzzfeed in January I think.
Chantal and Devon left last year so I think it kind of fell off with that.
I normally love Paper Source but they just sent me an email featuring Christmas ornaments and one is a Botox needle and the other is a can of La Croix and I don't understand anything that's happening here.
this...sounds a very, very specific demographic and it's confusing
Yeah, I am very confused by this.
Ick that's so gross, makes me think twice about buying from there (I actually just bought a calendar from there too)


3 months ago

LOL I work there!!

They have white claw too. The la croix one looks like some kid made it in arts & crafts. Why do people pay $20 for them? I ask myself this literally every day.


3 months ago


3 months ago

that aesthetic is very unlike paper source!


3 months ago

Lmao I think I’m going to order the Botox one for my injector
Turns out that the We Are What We Are on Hulu is the original and not the remake, yay!
Is it good? I swear I saw one of them a while back but I don't remember it.
I like it, it's not very action packed but it's very effective and the ending is pretty interesting as well.
I bet that one woman will make a complaint about me. not my fault she was opening products and had her mask under her chin.
Fuck that karen
grandmacore update:

i've been attempting to propagate a few of my ghost echeveria's leaves and one has started up a little rosette.

most of my window sill cuttings have been growing really well.
The Scorpio one lol
For any brits.

Where you are from is it a cob, roll or bap?
Just got off the call with my friends. I miss them so much <3 Now I'm gunna cook dinner and watch Ugly Betty. Ate a tiny piece of an edible so it should be a chill night lol
I'd really like to know why the police are out there defending these maskless fools as opposed to idk, making them fucking disperse during a deadly pandemic.

Fuuuuck TPS
True, all they're good at doing is killing our black and brown people.
This is an anti-masker protest!?!?!? Pathetic...


3 months ago


3 months ago


3 months ago

What in the hell? I hope their leader gets federally charged. Assuming it’s the same guy who organised the first one. The hugs not mask dude.
Ovation and PBS have kept me busy with show watching: Luther S1, The Fall S1, Flesh and Blood (miniseries), Cobra S1
oooh, good choices! I love Luther and The Fall.
I love the casts of both! It's funny to how many people pop up on those two shows that I've seen in other shows.
Is flesh and blood the ballet one? I liked that one


3 months ago