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Free For All Saturday

Make good choices this weekend!
No porn, nudes, pic spamming, fighting, advertising, rudeness, huge browser slowing comments.

Put multiple images/tweets, etc. under a spoiler cut (code is below):

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What’s the one scary movie you refuse to watch?
Cannibal Holocaust.
The Saw movies make me incredibly uncomfortable and I refuse to watch them
Cannibal Holocaust & A Serbian Film.

Human Centipede seems tame compared & I've seen that.
Exorcist. I’ve seen a lot of scary movies, watched the TV show, but there’s just something about it I don’t think I’ll be able to handle
all of them

i am a baby and don't like scary movies
All of them, I'm a baby

But I enjoy reading the Wikipedia summaries of scary moviess
lmfaooo same!! i'm fascinated by horror movies but ever since The Grudge traumatized me as a 13yo i don't go near them
I can't remember the name of it but the gist is basically something about these two guys torturing a girl and r*ping her and apparently nothing else really happens in the movie.

Also the human centipede ones cause gross.

And I don't think I could ever handle Texas Chainsaw Massacre, I've seen like five minutes and had to turn it off.


6 days ago


6 days ago

A Serbian Film or whatever that one is with all the rape
if it's a movie that goes bump in the night? that one.
Old Jason movies
Anything about active and unknown serial killers..
Horror movies don't scare me, but I refuse to watch the ones that are legit disturbing like Cannibal Holocaust.
honestly any with a [Spoiler (click to open)]rape scene. i got ambushed with the hills have eyes 10+ years ago and i still resent having had to sit through it/am basically traumatized.


6 days ago

the fucked up disturbing ones like a serbian film. but i particularly can't rewatch the ring remake because i saw it at a sleepover when i was 9 and it scarred us all for life lmao
Lol, so many. Torture porn, buggy stuff, claustrophobic stuff... no thanks.
Fire in the sky

Aliens scare me and just reading the wiki of that movie is enough for me to not fuck with it
i will join the all of them club. i’ve seen a few almost against my will but it involves me with my ears plugged and my knees up to cover my eyes.
Any scary movie that involves possession. I can't handle that.
I’ll usually watch any horror movie but I loathe torture porn. It’s so lazy.
texas chainsaw massacre, saw, hostel, those kinds of gore don't work for me
I live with my mom after moving back to care for to care for her..

She works from home and has a separate wifi that her comp pays for. My cousin uses it and idk how to tell him to stop using it w/o him lashing out...
Can you change the password so he can't connect to it?
Can your mom maybe send a group chat saying that her work is monitoring how much internet is being used and they’re suspicious about the amount she’s using? Idk if lying is the best way to do it, but it’s the easiest
Could you not put on MAC address filtering on the device?
just blame it on the job. Say they picked up more than one computer and told her about it. And this is true, they can see how many people are on
cotton candy randy is not one of my favorite recurring bits on good mythical morning but omfg I almost died laughing at his exit from the show @ 13:58
I do like the occasional guest spots of cotton candy randy. It's just enough to not get old.

Their shirts looked great! It made me want to tye dye until I remembered what a mess I'd make.
I went through a tie dye phase a few months ago and this just made me sad that my white dress I did turned out shitty 😭 lol
So one thing I realized this week while my mom was actually telling me the full story behind one of my brother's teenage screw ups is that every time I think I know all the bullshit my brother did it turns out that there's yet another story. So I decided to tell my mom something about my brother. Now granted I heard this secondhand from one of his friends but I don't think there's any reason to believe it's false, it sounds exactly some shit my brother would pull.

Also, it's funny to me how often my brother likes to pretend like he's so hard done by and how the world is against him, blah blah blah. The reality is that my parents gave him so many chances and bailed him out multiple times mostly because my mom didn't want him to end up dead or in jail.
I have some extra DIYs I don't need. I'm going to sell them to Nook's on Monday, so let me know if want/need any of these.

[DIYs] Tree’s bounty mobile x 2
Rocking horse
Wooden waste bin
Giant teddy bear
Golden dishes
Purple hyacinth wreath
Manga-library wall
Spooky candy set x 2
Acorn pochette
Magazine rack
Kettle bathtub
Traditional balancing toy
Iron hanger stand
Gold bars
Golden toilet
Spooky fence
Cherry rug
Shell partition
Shell arch
Wooden double bed
Fruit basket
Cute lily crown
Rose crown
Garden bench
Standard umbrella stand
Can I get the one for the cute Lily Crown?

(I feel like I've just been asking you for AC stuff for the past week lol)
I'll send to you! And lol, it's fine! I'm trying to get rid of all the things I don't need from my storage and beaches. I want my island looking somewhat cute again.
I would take the shell partition and rose basket!

Do you want to be AC friends and then we can send each other things?

I THINK I have to visit your island before I can send you anything and then since you’ve visited me once hopefully once we can add each other I can send you things, I’m not totally sure how that works

I can come visit you to pick up those recipe

Friend code
Can I get the spooky fence?
I think I have to size up my.... personal device.
To get dressed or keep procrastinating...

Where do you have to go?
Lol my friend is picking me up soon so I should get dressed but I'm so lazyyy

How are you though bb? <3


6 days ago

At this point in the day who needs clothes?


6 days ago

Would you rather have Chips Ahoy or Oreos?
Except if they’re chewy chips a’hoy
This. Although I like the Wal-Mart & Target versions of Oreos better these days.
Oreos. I can make a better chocolate chip cookie than chips ahoy with little effort but I can’t easily best an Oreo in my kitchen.
Oreos for sure.
Chips Ahoy
Chips Ahoy
I don't like either tbh
Right now? Chips Ahoy.
Chips a hoy
chips a who?
Chips Ahoy, Oreos are gross.
Are the rainbow chips ahoy an option?
I don’t even know if they exist anymore honestly, but that would be my choice
Chips ahoy are nasty compared to the ready bake Tollhouse. I can't believe I used to eat packaged CC cookies!

Oreos & ice cream is amazing but I don't like Oreos by themselves. As a kid I love them though
chip ahoy
Oreos. I am not a fan of Chips Ahoy, I would rather just make my own chocolate chip cookies that are a better texture - Chips Ahoy are too hard.
i feel like the more i learn about home buying the more i questions i have. maybe it's a good thing nothing is popping up in my low ass price range rn.
I moved one of my houses and made a new neighborhood on AC and I think I made the cliff too small >:( I hate the limits, let me put cliffs on the fucking edge!!
Amazon Prime had Ugly Betty and then it disappeared. wtf?
i'm watching it rn on Hulu! its also on amazon's app imbd but w/ ads.
I'm in Canada. :(
I feel like so much stuff left streaming this month! I was watching Fraiser on Crave and it's just gone now.


6 days ago

oh boo, I wanted to start watching it :(
I watched Enola Holmes yesterday and was totally charmed by it. MBB has that it factor when she’s connecting with the camera. All that fourth wall breaking could have been a disaster in the hands of someone less charismatic.

Has anyone read the books? Are they any good? I know they’re for kids but they might be a fun holiday read.
It was way more charming than I thought it would be!! Her and the actor who played Tewksbury had CHEMISTRY
Yes! If they make another one, he better be in it too.
i went to go vote today. had to stand in line for about 20 min. I've never had to stand in line before to vote. its been exciting to hear and actually see evidence of the large voter turnout here in TX.
Thank you for voting!

So far 38% of Texas's total 2016 vote have already voted. I think that's a really positive sign for large voter turnout in Texas and could mean very good things for Dems.
Wait.. you mean to say that only 38% of TX residents voted for the GENERAL election in 2016?! That is shockingly low if true


6 days ago


6 days ago

It's so wild to me that you only stood in line for 20 minutes while there are so many stories of people standing in line all day. Granted it's much better that you didn't have to wait long but that's how it should be everywhere.
I'm hearing stories of people standing in line for over 5 hours to vote, and on one hand, I feel bad for people having to wait that long cause I know it can be really hard for some, but also so so hopeful at their will and drive to wait however long they have to.
i registered to vote, & requested a mail-in ballot only to find out tx DOESN'T CARE about the pandemic & i don't fit any of the criteria to vote by mail. i don't have reliable transportation, & i really can't risk walking out there bc i have my son with me 24/7. i'm so upset/disheartened, but i'm not gonna give up, i just gotta talk to my bf & figure out a way to the polls


6 days ago

Got to vote in TX today too. We got to do curbside voting which was awesome and there was only one car in front of us.
I'm voting in TX too but waiting til the 20th or later in hopes that the lines continue to die down.
For people who have watched Bly Manor, did we ever find out how Flora's dollhouse worked? It felt like this huge part of the story and then just kind of got ignored toward the end.
[Spoiler (click to open)]i assumed it was bc of the little ghost boy moving it. i wish they did expand more on it bc the dollhouse being a mirror of what was currently happening in the house was interesting

i feel like dani's ex fiance was also just dropped after the second half. i know she kind of lets him go but it wasn't fully developed enough. i also was not paying as much attention in the first half as i should have bc i was bored
Yeah, idk, this one felt like there were more loose ends to me somehow. idk.


6 days ago

No, unfortunately. I felt like it was mainly used as a plot to show they weren’t alone and that there were multiple ghosts in the house. I think they lingered on it too much and made it more relevant than it needed to be.
Omg I laughed