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Free For All Saturday

Make good choices this weekend!
No porn, nudes, pic spamming, fighting, advertising, rudeness, huge browser slowing comments.

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We went canoeing today and it was such a beautiful fall day for it! I need to just buy a canoe, we have spent like 500 bucks on rentals in line six week?

My bf got news that his security clearance to work at a nuclear plant was approved. It'd mean us moving (him at first and come back every two week) two hours away. It's a really beautiful area (for Ontario ppl, it's in Port Elgin at the Bruce nuke plant) but winters can be very isolated. I've been told skidoos are invaluable for winter travel lol.
Oh heyy port Elgin! My parents are like 45ish mins from there. It’s so gorgeous there but yeah, super isolated. When my SO are in the province visiting it’s so frustrating trying to get there and the roads suck in the winter. Lmaooo def get a skidoo, trust me. My parents lucked out that they moved from northern Ontario so they at least moved from one town with shit winters to another. Congrats to your bf on the job though!! That’s awesome!
Yeah we're from Sarnia so we take weekend trips a lot to areas between port Elgin and tobermory but that highway is truly hell in the winter.

And thank you! He's super excited lol. I'm freaked out about leaving our house, we've been the for ten years and it's just like the perfect space for us but I guess we can find another great home.


6 days ago

Does anyone have any favorite horror youtubers? I just discovered Loey Lane and Hailey Reese and I’m obsessed.
Something takes a part of me
Something lost and never seen
Update: My Target order is ready. Off I go!
What'd you get!?
Very exciting stuff: formula, diapers, garbage bags, laundry stuff. But Target is always a good time for a 44 yo lady.
Not to double post but Zachery Ty Brian got arrested for strangling his girlfriend and attempting to block her from calling the police
This is obviously a horrific incident but I saw this an immediately thought off that story about him telling a girl her shoes are from Ross
I think of that user I have seen when I lurk/continue to lurk sometimes! Her icon has his face and that comment about Ross lol
I knew if a post was made about it, the Ross thing would make up a majority of the comments
Before i searched I was like "who is that. Is he in a meme?"

He's Brad from home improvement.


6 days ago


6 days ago

Whoa. I hope his girlfriend is able to safely get out of that relationship. A partner strangling you is one of the big signs that the domestic violence will escalate to murder.


6 days ago

Wtf is wrong with my brain I thought you meant the host of that extreme makeover home edition show 😳

Damn that’s so fucked up :/

I just saw him in a Buffy ep the other day and briefly wondered what he was up to now... apparently being an abusive POS.
Damn that's fucked up
We got our ballots this week! Ready to vote early and delivering my ballot DIRECTLY to the ballot box
i re-wrote my resume and applied to like, 10 jobs in 2 days, so let's home something starts to stick, lol.
Good luck!!
thank you!
This past week at work, I got to do 2 days supplying for one of the full time staff. So it was just me in the morning and afternoon with 10 kindergarten kids and I managed to kick ass! I was so nervous, but work definitely had more experienced people to ask, but they asked me and it felt good
Got my ballot and filled it out probably drop it off when I get dinner tonight.
I tried to make chili and as usual, it doesn't have the consistency of chili. Thus I bought cheese, sour cream, and tortilla chips, and am eating it as a taco salad instead. Which is even better, tbh.
I am having my first period since May and whew, I am exhausted. I just want to sleep and eat something cheesy.
Does anyone have any dog food recommendations? I have 2 chihuahuas that are 7 and 8 years old. I’ve tried researching it but all the information is confusing and my Vet always recommends something that’s a bit pricey for my budget.
It's a crime that this version of Last Hope isn't on Spotify. Hayley has such a great voice that I prefer the live versions of their songs. There's always so much more emotion in the live performance.

she is def one of the best live performers i've seen. really hoping that she can tour petals for armor one day
i agree, i actually hate the studio version. this is superior in every possible way and i'm so used to it that when i sing along i even include the talking to the audience part lmao

put your cellphones and lighters up high! CMON CHICAGO!
this song has gotten me through some shit. Paramore has been my favorite band for a good decade and I hope that I'll get to see them live one day. 12 year old me would be so happy
Their latest album got me through so much. I miss seeing them live. I can’t be bothered by Hayley’s solo stuff.
A few of us should play. I play last night and I realize I'm a terrible Imposter.
i've been super excited all week for a band livestream tonight which i thought was starting at 11pm, but US timezones are confusing and apparently it's actually at 2AM! jeez. nvm then

also a book i ordered arrived today and it was damaged. boo. i'm feeling so morose lately and already dreading work on monday. we have our mid year reviews, applying for promotions and the hiring process for a new manager all in the same week. whose idea was this terrible timing!!