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Free For All Saturday

Make good choices this weekend!
No porn, nudes, pic spamming, fighting, advertising, rudeness, huge browser slowing comments.

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Ugh, so at my work we're doing curbside service. Most people stay in their cars and behave themselves, and if they do come out, they remain a respectful distance away. Well this morning this guy comes out, without a mask, COUGHING and not even covering his mouth and he's like two feet away from me. It nearly gave me an anxiety attack. (And based on his car decal, I'm pretty sure he's a Trump supporter.)
I would’ve placed the purchased down and walked away, and tell the manager before he could make a complaint. Sorry this happened to you people are gross


October 17 2020, 23:29:18 UTC 3 months ago Edited:  October 17 2020, 23:30:09 UTC

I'm so sorry this happened! I would've fully panicked.

Shit, hit reply on the wrong comment, sorry!
I'm so sorry this happened! I would've fully panicked.
Has anyone read this book? I have so many thoughts and feel torn on the 5 star rating I gave it. I'm such a stingy bitch with 5 star ratings of books.
What are the ONTD discords?
Hopping in here to ask if I can also get an invite? Just in case the Russian overlords decide to make the biggest mistake evar. :/
cheesasaurus is usually the one to ask.
They are Discord pages? sites? (not sure of the term) for ONTD people there's a general one & a Animal Crossing one. cheesasaurus is the one to ask about the general one.


3 months ago

I was without internet and TV for about 20 hours because some dumbass at att must have clicked a wrong button.

I call up every so often to ask (lbr, politely demand) for a bill credit. I got one, and within 5 seconds of hanging up my internet went down--for the first time in 2 years. I called up support and told them the problem and timing with talking to another att department, she said nothing was wrong on their end so a tech would come out. Tech came out today, I told him everything and then I think he was on the phone for about 40 minutes with support - it was a fuck up with the first person I talked to.

I turn 30 in December and I’m excited but also nervous? Like it’s my next decade for me, like I’m 29 and I feel like I should be married or have a kid already. I graduated highschool in 09 and I feel so meh compared to others
Just take it one day at a time, your journey is yours and nobody else's!

My 20s sucked tbh, my life got drastically better in my 30s.
"My 20s sucked tbh, my life got drastically better in my 30s."

mine were the same.
my 20s sucked up until i was...28. so i welcomed 30 with open arms lmao.
As my therapist likes to say “stop should-ing yourself”.. there’s absolutely nothing wrong with not being married or having kids yet. I feel like a lot of people find their partners in their 30s and they always seem happier than the young couples
The feeling of "being behind" doesn't go away but it's also a false narrative...when you get to do things your way you worry less about feeling like you should be x, y, or z
i turned 30 last december and felt the same way, but then it happens and it's like meh. take off for the day, at the very least. it sucks because you can't really do anything special to celebrate, but maybe you can for your 31st! call it the making-up-for-covid-stealing-my-30th-bday-celebration.

i can say that changes to your body are coming, so don't be surprised.


October 17 2020, 23:14:19 UTC 3 months ago Edited:  October 17 2020, 23:15:40 UTC

Thank you for everyone who commented in roundup about my nanny.

That meant a lot to me. Unfortunately my family on dads side has decided to exclude my dads family from nanny's funeral anyway. Uncle mark had said that he paid her way so his way goes. Dad is upset my siblings are upset i'm kind of meh but my dads side is wishy washy.

At least my mum is pure so my sister and I are treating her.
I'm sorry. People can really dig their heels in with pettiness after someone dies. It's unnecessarily cruel.


October 17 2020, 23:22:42 UTC 3 months ago Edited:  October 17 2020, 23:23:47 UTC

we don't care about inheritance or anything we wouldn't expect it but mark is rich so what he says goes. like we are not there by covid is his reason but alas as long as nanny knows we loved her as she was, it is fine.

Thank you for your previous comment I did rummeniate on it. As everyone else's. Family is always a complication of life. Have to think positive nanny loved us we loved her.
I'm Sorry for your loss

Not gonna dig into it but I know how warring family of a dead relative is and it.. sucks.

If you need to talk my inbox is open.
[start rant]
does anyone else's extended family treat you like chopped liver cause you're 35, single, don't have any kids and keep harping on you on when there's a family event on when you're going to meet someone, are you ever going to have kids, you can sit next to "econd cousins who are 10-14 and are seated at a seperate table than the "adults", and you've told them many a time that when it happens it will happen? maybe i'll never get married, maybe i don't want kids, what do you want from me? can't you treat me like an adult and not a child. i'm 35! god i hate my extended family. not that it's irrelevant or anything, but they never comment on any of my facebook posts, even when i share an achievement that's i'm proud of. /end rant.
Sounds like you're better off with the kids- the adults seem like assholes.
Are you a woman? I feel like this treatment is more common and worse if you are.
My loneliness is killing me
(and I)
I must confess I still believe (still believe)
When I'm not with you I lose my mind


3 months ago


3 months ago

i can't listen to this song without thinking of the new and improved lyrics
[Spoiler (click to open)]
my lower back is killing me (and i)
i must confess
so are my knees
I prefer the sequel!


3 months ago

I feel like I'm already burnt out on job searching/rejections and it hasn't even been a month. I'm so weak lmfao.
I stan Dylan O'Brien... I didn't LOVE Love and Monsters, but it was decent enough.

But I don't know if he's really a viable "leading man" for films. Or really even a viable leading man period. The worst episode of Teen Wolf was Echo House, and that was a Stiles focused episode.

I'd rather have him be a TV star, though, because I love being able to see him more often.

Whatever, I'll continue to stan.
Bought a mini banana cream pie and it's sooooo good. I've been having bad acid reflux lately so I only ate like a few bites for now but it was hard to resist the urge to just shove it all in my mouth and deal with the consequences after....
i managed to close this important business deal yesterday. usually i'd celebrate an accomplishment and the accompanying bonus but it was made very clear to me that if i hadn't, it would have meant a trip to china to try and close this deal in person on the insistence of my bosses... during a pandemic. i already hate this job but it's finally time to look for something new
Uhhh it's pretty much impossible to get into China right now so your bosses are idiots if they thought that's how you should close a deal during a pandemic
they're absolute morons but i also believe they would have found a way


3 months ago

ugh so I was supposed to get my hair done today, but my hairdresser's kid got sick, so the salon manager texted me about it and I didn't realize it until I had already gotten there and found out. I'm pissed because I was looking forward to it all week and didn't know it was cancelled until I got there (since I didn't look at my phone). thankfully they gave me a 10% discount for when i reschedule and come back, but still, I'm just cranky over it.
plus I got a flu shot earlier today too and my arm is sore and I'm just tired.
[Spoiler (click to open)] Search for triplexkale on Twitter
its...a lot. i'll take an average sized one, pls.
Surprisingly, that’s not the biggest one I have ever seen
Think I won't, but thank you.
I just did and man dicks are so gross looking
hot, but not gay :(
i was not expecting the twist in the "to live and to die in LA" podcast, wew.