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Free For All Saturday

Make good choices this weekend!
No porn, nudes, pic spamming, fighting, advertising, rudeness, huge browser slowing comments.

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Happy Saturday!

I got complimented by my program director and we got an unnecessary task taken off our plates. I am going to bask in the positive while it lasts.
Do you guys know what you’ll be doing on Halloween?

I’ll probably just be playing games or watching a horror anime
I’m going to possibly go to a little Halloween parade on the 30th where the neighborhood dogs put on a parade with costumes. Apparently there will be social distancing but not sure how that’ll work lol. No plans for actual Halloween yet though. Will prob just stay home, bake some Halloween treats and chuck candy off my porch at the neighborhood kids if they stop by lol
I wanna move to your neighborhood! That’s so cute!
It's a Saturday so probably working and then doing nothing. In the beforetimes kids would stop by the store for candy but idk how this year will go. I don't think we're allowed any candy since we had to take most stuff off the showcases :(
Dressing my son up in a costume & taking him for a walk then decorating cookies and painting pumpkins I guess.
I think my neighborhood is doing a "bar crawl" type thing where we set up tables at the end of our driveway.
going to that hudson valley great jack o'lantern blaze. it was a little depressing in august to book tickets to this knowing we wouldn't be going to any parties, but we're going to dress up in our costumes there and obvs the pumpkins will be very festive
Going to have my kids look for candy around the house and then watch Halloween movies with them. Maybe I'll have them paint pumpkins too.
I'll be here in the FFAS.
Hey y’all

I’ve had a chill day

Finally used a Panera gift card I got in like March lol, grabbed some bagels and cookies to go

Been rewatching the first season of project runway with Christina sirianno as a host

Also video chatted with a couple friends for a couple hours
Cinnamon crunch bagel?

Ohhh no, but now I know for next time!

I got a cheesy Asiago bagel, something like that


5 days ago

My husband has a stomach bug, well not really he ate two moldy donuts on Thursday so now he’s paying the piper.
omg moldy donuts??



October 17 2020, 23:12:39 UTC 6 days ago Edited:  October 17 2020, 23:13:39 UTC

He said he didn’t noticed, he said at first they tasted a little bit off and didn’t think they were bad until [Spoiler (click to open)]he looked down to grab the third one and it had a whole colony with hairs on it 🤮


6 days ago


6 days ago


5 days ago

poor husband! hope he's getting better and drinking lots of fluids!
Noooo!! Your husband just wanted to enjoy one of humanity's greatest creations! Life is so cruel sometimes.
Had fun playing with makeup today! Used the Pat McGrath holiday palette and I loooove that it is like 95% shimmers. lmao. I know some people don't like the lack of mattes but TBHHHHHHHHHH, I don't care. lmao. Shimmery shades are way more fun for me.
is this good quality? i put it on my christmas list but i'm thinking maybe i should get it myself earlier
The mattes are fine, nothing special and there's only like 3 of them. The shimmery shades are really beautiful though. I've done 4 looks with the palette so far and liked all of them. If you're the kind of person who wants a variety of matte shades in a palette, then skip it. But if you're ok with doing a primarily or purely shimmer looks OR reaching to other palettes for matte shades though, then it's worth it.


6 days ago

All summer long I saw people in LA bitching online about mosquitos, but I had not seen even one. In fact, in eight+ years of living here, i think I've gotten maybe three bites. But somehow, in the past three days, I have amassed like ten mosquito bites that itch like hell and are driving me insane! After I woke up at 3:30am bc of fresh bites, I saw an article saying LA has a new invasive species that are wreaking havoc. My husband killed one in the bathroom last night, but I swear there is one in our bedroom that we just haven't found yet and he's gonna get me again tonight. It's October... these assholes need to die!
I've grown up here and never had an issue with mosquitos. But this summer? SO MANY BITES. THE FUCK?
That sounds so annoying!

Now that you mention it I don’t think I’ve gotten a mosquito bite since I was a kid
Jealous!! Yeah, I loved that they weren't a thing here because I never had to worry about sitting outside at night. :/
are they the ankle biters? i had to start wearing leggings on my runs to stop them from biting my ankles and spray myself with a ton of deet


6 days ago


6 days ago

I placed my pickup order for Target 3 hours ago and it’s till not ready. 😕
Did it say if it was in stock? It's a Saturday so maybe they're slammed. :(
I think the stuff is in stock, and this particular one is in a college neighborhood so I was hoping it would be quieter today.
Yeah they've gotten pretty slow about doing that these days. It should be done in hour 4!

i'm thinking about getting myself some perfume for christmas. i have two perfumes, one is a clean, linen scent, and the other is one of those sweet marc jacobs one with the flower. i want to get something that's sexy and spicy now. like for a night out.
Tokyo Milk has some very sexy selections; check them out!
finally happy with my villager lineup on my island: Bree, Robin, Dobie, Ellie, Ozzie, Boone, Agnes, Merry, and Marshal

now I just need to sling enough gifts at all of them to get their pictures
I give an assessed, wrapped fossil to the villagers I need photos from every day and eventually they've given me their photo. I just have two to go!
that's what I've been doing so far! roughly how many times do you think you need to gift a villager, or is it totally random?


6 days ago

My dog gets the zoomies when I blow raspberries
Congratulations New Zealand!!
All of the previews for the Sailor Moon Crystal Eternal movie or whatever the hell it's called keeps on just showing the damned inners.

And I LOVE the inners, but where are my outers? If they're not in that first movie at all, I'm going to fume.
Ia, I'll watch anything Sailor Moon but I'm always partial to Saturn :(
I desperately want to see Saturn Crystal Power Make Up in a theater because I want to hoot and holler... and I think if there are enough other people who are stans like me, I wouldn't be the only one.
I spent way too long last night watching a ton of YT videos of Broadway performances. I blame the Tony nominations
Sounds like a good time, tbh.
Aww I love falling down a Broadway YT hole.
I miss live theater so much.
It still weirds me out knowing Melanie Martinez still has fans.
yeah people buried that story really quickly didn't they
I posted on my Facebook about it and it has blown up. Another woman came forward with allegations but they buried that when they were manipulating Timothy into their ideal perfect victim.
People put entertainment over decency.


6 days ago


5 days ago

She was never even that talented.