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Free For All Saturday

Make good choices this weekend!
No porn, nudes, pic spamming, fighting, advertising, rudeness, huge browser slowing comments.

Put multiple images/tweets, etc. under a spoiler cut (code is below):

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I'm watching that Snoopy video someone posted earlier
That was me! I thought it would be a Halloween video but then Charlie Brown started discussing chemtrails

lol, it's okay i was disappointed too
plus aside from the beginning there was hardly any talk of snoopy being afraid of the dark? idk it was just weird it didn't seem to have a plot.


6 days ago

when you swipe left on everyone during the tinder surge and they ask if you want to expand your search setting globally

tinder was actually fun (for an additional five mins) when tinder passport was available for free
you know, watching Identity now.. the twist is.. quite obvious? like why else would they have the other scenes?
Lol I’m watching it too!! I’m 51 minutes in and I’m pretty sure I read the book ages ago so I think I know the twist but
I love that we're just having a CTV watch party on our own. Urban Legends last night, Identity tonight.

We should plan for next weekend :P


6 days ago

I miss having a social life. I stopped going out with friends once COVID hit. They think I’m over the top for being so anal about it but my doctor stressed I could literally die and that I need to be cautious. They still go out and don’t wear masks. I admit I’m jealous but can’t risk it. This has been the longest fucking year.
Anyone have any good horror podcast recommendations? I need something spooky to listen to for the next two weeks.
The Magnus Archives if you’re haven’t gotten into it yet!
Not heard of that one, will give it a listen. Thanks!
Have you listened to "Spooked"? Its a Halloween spinoff to "Snap Judgement". Some are really creepy!


6 days ago

does anyone fuck with DraftKings? i signed up because there was a promo to win $100 on a $1 bet. I collected on that, and now I'm just playing the free contests and pools. I'm proud of myself for winning over $4 so far lol
I've only heard of it from John Oliver's segment on it
Someone please take my computer away and stop me from arguing with preppers on Youtube who think the world is going to end on November 3. I keep leaving comments about how I'm prepared with plenty of good champagne, lmao.
I'm like Haunting of Bly Manor, but Carla Gugino's terrible accent is ruining it a little bit for me
all the accents are kind of terrible lol i just learned to accept it
lol, that's what I gathered just from the first ep, and I was hoping either I'd get used to it or they'd get better over time.


6 days ago

What's something you hate that everyone else loves?
Phantom Thread


October 18 2020, 02:59:49 UTC 6 days ago Edited:  October 18 2020, 03:00:16 UTC


I also really hate the score. I don't get the love for Johnny Greenwood so this is a double wahmmy.
Schitts Creek
red velvet
Pulp fiction
alex trebek


6 days ago


6 days ago

Sushi and dim sum.
American football (the sport, not the band)
Roller coasters.
Harry Potter
Video Games
Super hero movies
Coconut, especially Girl Scout Caramel deLite/Samoa cookies.
Guacamole & by extension, avocados.
I'm rewatching s4 of Drag Race and goddamn it sucks that Sharon is such a dick.
"It's incest!" "Don't get all Flowers in the Attic." Lmaaaooo Amanda and Marc have some of the best lines
You inspired me to get out my season one DVD and watch the Halloween episode.
Watching Ugly Betty?
Mhm, she met Gio this episode. She always took advantage of his love for her. Smh
Has anyone watched The Gray State documentary on Netflix?
Wow. This Hallmark movie put the kiss in the at the 2/3rds mark instead of having it be the thing that happens at the very end.

Don't see that very often.
I wish D+ (or Hulu, since Disney owns the majority stake in it) would put One Life and All My Children episodes on.
I know people grow apart but I wonder why a pair YouTubers I follow don't do videos together anymore. Maybe just different visions of how they wanted their professional futures. But I'm on ONTD, so I really just wanna know if there's some drama.
Ohh who are they?
Damon Dominique and Jo Franco - they have (or had) a travel YT channel both speak multiple languages so they would have videos about learning languages, being together in different cities. Even before COVID-19 put the kibosh on traveling, they just don't do any videos together, but instead separately.


6 days ago