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Free For All Saturday

Make good choices this weekend!
No porn, nudes, pic spamming, fighting, advertising, rudeness, huge browser slowing comments.

Put multiple images/tweets, etc. under a spoiler cut (code is below):

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well i really liked the trial of the chicago 7. mark rylance did that!!!
he was the best part by far.
I just finished it and he was fantastic.
and she's still alive! and still coaching! sequel?
me and my bf are both losing interest in Lovecraft Country but we only have 2 episodes left so might as well finish it up.

although the minstrel twins in the last episode we watched was the creepiest shit of the series by far.
I’ve lost interest in Atticus and Lettie. I like what the show is trying to do but it’s not executing it well. It seems more set on making thematic points/metaphors than advancing the plot to be honest. We’ll see how it wraps since tomorrow is the last episode.
You've lasted longer than me. Stopped 20 mins into episode 5, lol. I just couldn't do it anymore.
Makes me so sad. I stopped at ep 3 when I realized it wasn't going to be what I thought it was.
I think the show is better if you binge watch because it seems all over the place if you watch week to week.

The twins were so creepy! The girls who played them did a great job.
In "Batman Returns," how does Selina Kyle develop the gymnastics skills of an Olympian after being pushed out of a window?
she awakened her subconscious cat senses?
Just like the Halle Berry movie


6 days ago

Anyone up for Among Us?
I would but I don't have my new computer yet 😭
My husband decided he really wanted Chinese food from a specific place downtown (too far for delivery) so he went to get it for pickup... I hope it's as good as he remembers.
Yummmm that sounds so good right now
Home with takeout, I've did multiple errands in the same shopping plaza and I felt like a fucking wild animal, like a bird that got lost in a store. Sales associates would ask "do you need help with anything?" and I'd didn't remember how to have a human interaction.

Joann's was actually strictly enforcing a limited number of customers in the store, which I thought was great.
lol, I am like that in stores sometimes even without COVID happening.

And I love the stores that are limiting the number of customers! TJ's is, too, and it's the only store I like going to in person. I hate feeling hemmed in by people who don't give a fuck.
watching Wall-E. haven't seen it years and its cuteness still gets me!
WALL-E is the best.
I love Wall-E the most... but I don't watch it that often because I like to watch movies while also doing something else, with the movie being basically background noise.

With Wall-E, since the first chunk of it is all silent, I'd HAVE to pay attention.

But I still love that movie so damned much. D+ had a bunch of "Pixar in Real Life" or whatever shorts, and one of them involved interacting with Wall-E. If I were one of those people, I would have wept openly.
Watching CTV detailing how Bruce MacArthur got away with murder because of our shitty police and justice system.
my rage is so huge about that. i watched a couple of 5th estate docs recently and that really is the story of the Toronto Police. one was about how they were told it was paul bernardo but ignored evidence, and the other was about how they were handed information about Laura Babcock's murderer before Tim Bosma was killed but nobody ever followed up on the information.

it's really disheartening
Yep. Between those cases, Alloura Wells, and Tess Richey, I have zero respect for the police. They are fucking useless when it comes to things that actually matter.


5 days ago

Ugh god - is this an exposé/report or has there been new developments?


5 days ago

blehhhh, my grandma sent me this via email and then followed up with a text asking how I felt about it. not even the grandma I knew for sure voted for Trump in 2016!
Ugh... I'm sorry, bc that's bullshit.
"I’m voting for the unborn babies that have a right to live in a world where they can't afford healthcare in the richest country in history."
Tell her you think you'll donate to planned parenthood
Halloweentown is super dull
how dare you!
it's puerile.
I started at the beginning and now I’m on Season 8: All Stars. I am glad to be done with some of those early seasons lol I also find Lex so attractive for some reason.
The early seasons are kind of rough but once it finds its groove it’s such a good show

I know it’s a total formula every season but I’m a total sucker for it
Yeah it’s just so easy to watch and root for different people each season
why do i derive so much enjoyment from looking at things i can't afford

also, i'm in love with this couch for reasons i can't yet explain: