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Free For All Saturday

Make good choices this weekend!
No porn, nudes, pic spamming, fighting, advertising, rudeness, huge browser slowing comments.

Put multiple images/tweets, etc. under a spoiler cut (code is below):

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okay i rinsed my eye out a little, my vision seems better now for the most part
Gonna watch the Martyrs remake now because

title or description
I still haven’t seen that one yet but I’ve heard so much about it. I just can’t handle torture porn horror.
The remake is really watered down and not as intense as the French original.
when i read fic, i'm usually only interested in reading non-canon ships getting together over and over again. established relationship stuff just doesn't do it for me. i'm already married to my soulmate and trust me, it's way better than what touch-starved college students could possibly write
It's so upsetting what they did with Alexis in S2. In S1 they firmly establish that Alexis knew she was a girl since she was 5. And then in S2 the writers give her amnesia and she acts like a dude because she think hasn't transitioned yet but she acts so... Bro-y. It was dumb and they went backwards on their understanding of trans people's experience
Omg yes it was soooo bad! It’s crazy to think just how bad trans representation was until quite recently.
It's just crazy cause they sort of had it kind of right in S1. Like, their heart was in the right place. Then it's like "fuck that!"
Woooow you just reminded me of this. No way that'd be a plotline today. Especially in a show like ugly Betty.
Billie Eilish is answering questions on Instagram and it’s so cute.
idk why i'm getting super into planning for nanowrimo when i know damn well i'm probably gonna give up two weeks in
For me, planning extensively and then failing NaNo is a time honored tradition
same here 😭

last year i tried drawtober and nano back to back and it was such a disaster
Good luck!
Ugh the end to S1 of Ugly Betty kills me. The final scene with Betty and Hilda destroys me
Season 4 of Ugly Betty was, legit, some of the best TV ever.

I knew Season 4 would be the last season, and at the start of the season I was ready for it to go... but by the end I was like "GOD DAMN IT, THIS SHOW IS SO GOOD WHY YOU GOTTA TAKE IT FROM ME?!"
Ugh I know. I feel like the writers go back on track in S4 because they knew it was the last and I'm like why couldn't you do this in S3????
My bread got delivered, face is washed, pjs are on

Time to catch up on The Lost Tomb Reboot for Zhu Yi Long's face

My cat keeps trying to steal my food. Sir, these is my emotional support cinnamon twists. How dare you.
she killed the therapist, knew it!
halp, wifebot made fun of me for getting excited reading this article
is she gonna die or go to jail? i think she's going to jail
I kinda miss having geeky friends. I want to discuss how I'm rewatching XMen evolution and how I like Kitty/Lance. And how I'm so dissapointed there is no additional comic I can read to support this ship. :(

So I guess I'll tell y'all. Lol

It's cute


I like how they wrote Rogue and Gambit, that's my only Marvel OTP
I can't remember how they wrote Rogue/Gambit. I haven't gotten to that ep yet.

I feel like Rogue & Gambit are the ultimate Marvel couple. love them.


6 days ago

lmaooo X-Men: Evolution is my X-Men canon, I honestly love that show sfm. I downloaded that I'm Only a Girl song and put it on my iPod classic but tbh it's still a jam


5 days ago

There was a short lived Evolution comic. I don't think it got to 12 issues, but it was decent.

I miss having geeky friends, too. I haven't played D&D for a year and a half and I MISS IT.


5 days ago

I love that my SIL is one of those millennials whose entire personality is loving a book series written by a transphobe.
vivica a fox came in to save the day!
and then dropped the title. "looks like i hired the wrong cheerleader coach!"