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Free For All Saturday

Make good choices this weekend!
No porn, nudes, pic spamming, fighting, advertising, rudeness, huge browser slowing comments.

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I fucking hate spring. my allergies are going fucking wild.
food finally came but it's ice cold.

if i didn't care about it being cold, i would have walked there and back myself.
that's so disappointing, what service did you use?
ubereats, i think


6 days ago

I finally broke down and schedule a haircut. I couldn’t take it anymore. I wear it up all the time but it had gotten so overgrown that it was getting tangled, which never happens to me. I feel like it’s giving me a headache too. I don’t want to spend the money/go out because who is seeing me? But I’m looking forward to the blowout ngl
"Editor's Note: At POPSUGAR, we recognize that people of many genders and identities can and do experience pregnancy, childbirth, and breastfeeding: not just women. For this particular story, we interviewed an expert who generally referred to people with these experiences as women."
I'm just drunk enough to say.. This is fucking ridiculous.
Genuine question and not sure if you’d know the answer to it but if you’re a transman, would you even want to become pregnant? Is that something they still desire when they transition? It just seems contradictory to me?
ending toxic friendships feel so good until you randomly get those moments when you miss them. that whole ~sometimes you miss the memories and not the person~ saying is true. i don't want to deal with them anymore but i miss the fact that she was the one i could text tv show/movie memes to because we always watched the same things and i just miss the fun we had.
I know how you feel. I used to be close with this girl who I really never want to have a friendship with again, but there were certain things only her and I would find funny and it was refreshing that someone shared my sense of humour like that. Oh well lol
It can feel bittersweet sometimes, even when letting go of a friendship is for the best :(
I've never been close enough to others even with my old school friends we catch up when we are together but I dont talk online.
I hate how "how bizarre" is sort of ruined for me now because it reminds me of a toxic friendship
yeah, reading My Best Friend's Exorcism after cutting ties w my best friend since i was 7 was rough. i think i sobbed at the end. :\
i ended a friendship with someone who used to be close to me earlier this year and while i do still miss them bc how can i not when we used to be close, it's been so much better for me not having their toxic selves in my life anymore. i still think of them and the memories we had but when i think of how much better i am now without their friendship, it makes missing them so much easier
Brittany Runs a Marathon is actually really sweet. Hard to watch in places (hello mirror) but still.
Yep I cried
Oh man that movie was so good. I cried twice in the theater. It hit me so hard.
Oh yeah, I related to the movie a lot but also have no motivation to change myself lmao
i want pizza but i don't want to pay for it, maybe i'll get my free slice from voting tomorrow
I got a chicagotown honeybbq pizza with tomato crusts.
Watching Angela's Ashes. This film always made me cry as a kid.
it's so depressing and they way it's lit doesn't help.
farewell mortal bus-boy!
is it too late to start another movie or am I going to be fucking around on the internet for another 3+ hours anyways
depends on how early you have to get up tomorrow imo

if you have nothing better to do tomorrow morning, watch another movie!
I have absolutely nothing going during these COVID times haha (plus it's not a work day)


6 days ago

Long day of nothing today, first in a while. Played a lot of Diablo III for no reason other than the grind was a distraction from reality. Barely been online today. Have to do homework for a class starting tomorrow, assignment will take me a few days to pick at (Im writing a will). Also: going to fill out my ballot tomorrow with my immediate family and get them in a post office drop box! My state makes it difficult to vote (SC).

The weather finally turned fall-ish so I’m going to get out my big blanket and start watching my new favorite old show, Law & Order: Criminal Intent. 😻
Lemme just wallow in self pity for a sec

My friend asked me earlier this week if I wanted to hang out and after looking up the place they wanted to go to to see what the covid guidelines are i said sure.

Then asked him what time. He finally texted me back this morning the time. I didnt respond because didn't feel it needed a response.

[a novel]Get ready, put on my new shirt I was excited to wear, texted him I was on my way.

He text back Wait! So I call him.

He told me that I never texted back and they were already at dinner and if I wanted to come over later to play games or something. Which, its almost 8pm. They just got their food itd be another hour at least to eat and idek where they went. And I live half an hour away.

I was just like another time it's my fault~ for not texting back i guess even tho I did say I wanted to go.

I'm so upset I wasted makeup for nothing. Guess thats what I get for wanting to get out of the house.
It's always smart to shoot a "sounds good" text even if you don't think a response is necessary.
I mean, I will now but I had also already agreed to go out with them on the first text so I thought it was all set 🤷‍♀️ Idk he's kind of flaky anyway so its whatever.


5 days ago


October 18 2020, 00:50:28 UTC 6 days ago Edited:  October 18 2020, 00:51:45 UTC

hello baby angels!

i voted this morning! had to wait 25 minutes which wasn't too bad. i have NEVER had to wait while early voting before. i hope this is a good sign!

also ngl i felt cool and confident as hell w my black mask and cat eye sunglasses. who knew the key to self confidence is complete anonymity!
Ooh I'll watch this later. I really like Defunct's episode on Action Park
I never heard about this, sounds interesting!
Disney used to run this at 6 am when I was a kid and I def got up early a time or two to do it lol.
lol we had a Mousercise VHS tape when I was kid.
I loved Mousercise sfm, I never did the work outs I just liked watching it haha
I used to watch Mousercise really early in the morning.
the guy dressed as a cop in Hocus Pocus really got into character for his costume. he's quite the bastard.