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Free For All Saturday

Make good choices this weekend!
No porn, nudes, pic spamming, fighting, advertising, rudeness, huge browser slowing comments.

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Today wasn't too bad for me. I slept a lot but when I was awake I watched Frasier and finally did some cleaning up. There's still sooooo much to clean but at least it's a start.
[Spoiler (click to open)]

The boy band manger is gunna make me watch this shitty show.
nah he looks skeevy on the show

i mean, he looks kind of skeevy there too
But it's thick. I've seen it and it's thick...
Why do those star tattoos exist?
I'm so embarrassed by this but I don't think I'll make it until November 1st to start watching Christmas movies and get the feeling I'll have Hallmark on all next weekend. That was hard to type.
You'll get no judgment from me. This year is not the year to worry about what may or may not be a good time to do things that make you feel good and happy. Do you!
This year is not the year to worry about what may or may not be a good time to do things that make you feel good and happy

Amen to that.
My parents took off the Thanksgiving table cloth on the dining table the day after Thanksgiving and already put the Christmas one on
Nooooo! I was watching the Hallmark channel while visiting my parents and seeing that they are starting the Christmas movies next weekend made me so incredibly angry.
i feel like the one good thing about not being able to go outside this year is that i won't be forced to listen to christmas music inside stores
I started whistling Christmas songs like two weeks ago and now I've graduated to playing them. I'm trying to hold off until the week of Thanksgiving for the tree, but nothing matters anymore so why the fuck not just put it up??
In these troubled times you do what makes you happy
I'm so cold I don't even want to get up to pee.
62 degrees isn't even that cold. I'm under 3 blankets.
I'm eating Fajita Nachos from a Mexican restaurant near me, and I know this will give me heartburn and fuck with my stomach, but screw the consequences right now! I just want some yummy, cheesy food!
Ben's gonna be the hot guy who falls for the main girl even though he's way out of her league
I bought these super soft joggers from Torrid and I love them so much I went to leave a glowing review and now they're not even on the site. This happens so often when there's something I love and actually want to leave a good review for. So weird.
lol I was gonna ask which ones they were :/
They have two other pairs of super soft joggers but they are wide legged, however they also have super positive reviews. I'm just looking to be as snuggly as possible this winter.
I wish Torrid wasn't so expensive, they have some great clothes. I love their bras.
It's so frustrating, I've completely stalled on my sweater I'm knitting since I'm about 3/4 through the second sleeve and I realized I knit it in the wrong size needles (more accurately I knit the first one in the wrong size) and IDK if I want to rip it out (I really don't) or see if I can figure it out with decreases and hope that blocking it fixes it mostly or that it's not noticeable
you could try measuring your gauge on the part knit with the wrong needles, and see how off it is? if it's just 1 stitch or 1-2 rows off you could probably fudge it in blocking, especially if you're knitting with a type of wool -- an acrylic or superwash wool will be less forgiving. and maybe knit an extra few rows at the bottom of the sleeves (since knitting generally stretches more horizontally than it does vertically).

I fully relate bc I hate knitting sleeves to begin with and the thought of having to redo even half of one would make me want to put the whole project away 😅
It is wool so I know I can fudge it a bit, which I think is what I'm going to do based on my laziness. Unfortunately putting it away is what caused me this issue I ignored it for a year and this is my punishment 😭


6 days ago

Thanks y'all for the support, I ended up messaging my friend re: NYE since she always said to be straight up/honest and I probably wouldnt stop thinking about it and just spiraling about ittttt. so thats done
Good for you! I know it's awkward but there's no point in subjecting yourself to an experience that you likely wouldn't enjoy at all.
has it been discussed how much the beginning of BSB's Drowning is IDENTICAL to O-Town's All or Nothing??
It used to mess with me so much as a kid!
I was very excited to hear All or Nothing and then I was like, WTF IS THIS
omg so true both amazing
I don’t think it has but it is so weird and confusing!!! 😂
Someone I went to high school with sent me a message on Facebook apologizing for being so mean to me in high school. But I have no recollection of him ever being mean to me. We never even talked. He always likes my pics and I know I’m his type so I think she was just trying to start a convo but basically calling out my young self who was coping with massive childhood trauma a loser is not the way. Let me enjoy my glow up and not remind me that I was a loser with issues.
singin in the rain is on TCM right now
My dad just came into my room to show me a video of dogs playing on the beach lol
lol, that's so cute.
I'm kind of becoming obsessed with EXO's Obsession album. 20 years too late of course.

I blame Kai's crop top.