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Free For All Saturday

Make good choices this weekend!
No porn, nudes, pic spamming, fighting, advertising, rudeness, huge browser slowing comments.

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October 18 2020, 00:00:16 UTC 6 days ago Edited:  October 18 2020, 00:00:46 UTC

I wasn't sold at first but I like Miley's new sound tbh. I like that she's making a sound that's authentic to where she is now and not putting random rappers on her song trying to chase a #1 like most pop stars rn. Although it's super obvious a lot of her music is geared towards Liam but it works I guess.
with tara reid and vivica a fox! sounds perfect!
omg big sur, always wanted to drive there
fuck it. we ordered mcdonalds. it's saturday.
since i already got 5 star rating on my island, i can finally lessen my time playing acnh. im thinking of buying a new switch game to try! im thinking breath of the wild but i have no clue about legend of zelda? do u think it's gonna be fine for me to play it w absolutely no clue from previous games? also any other recommendations?

it's been so chilly over here bc of the rain. what's the weather like where u live?
You don't need to have previous Zelda knowledge, really, in order to enjoy Breath of the Wild.

There are certain themes and stuff that resonate across the series, but I honestly don't think that not having that connection would have a huge impact on the overall enjoyment.

If you like RPGs, you might want to look at Fire Emblem Three Houses.

And there's Mario 3D All Stars, which is what I'm currently playing a lot of. Plus Odyssey.
oh this is good! ive played some rpgs as well but im mire into ps4 games, i dud spent 100+ hrs w persona 5 lol

ill look into it, would there be a difference w physical copies vs digital? i had issues w my 3ds card slot so idk if that's a Nintendo issue.


6 days ago

BotW is great, and also the first Zelda game I ever played. Would highly recommend!


6 days ago


6 days ago

need a new switch game to. I was thinking of BOW, maybe Donkey Kong Tropical Freeze or possibly Mario Kart (but if I don't get the online membership to play with others it's virtually useless to me lol gotta have the friendly competition for that game.)

I hear BOW is really good but also a pretty big time investment to finish it. Don't know if that would be a pro, con, or neutral.
you definitely don't need to know about Zelda to play BotW. it pretty much explains it all to you.

all depends on what you're looking for in a game. BotW is a long game and can get longer doing side quests, but you'll definitely get your money's worth. so sandbox have with crafting, some fighting, exploring and puzzles.

Super Mario Odyssey if you want more of a traditional style game with lots of platforming elements. 3d all stars if you want that nostalgic element.

Mario Kart 8 if you want a party game.
Heroland!:D BotW was awesome as well but I have terrible sense of directions and got lost and killed all of the time.
BotW was my first Zelda game too, and it was absolutely breathtaking. Legit one of the best games I've ever played. HIGHLY recommend it!!!!
Wow I love when my roommate has a guest over during a pandemic without saying anything to me first
I made the mistake of going into the post about the French professor who was decapitated. Yikes, some users here
Snickers can fuck off, they're trash.

Milky way. It's only ok.
Snickers for sure with reese's close behind.
It’s the Milky Way for me

Bye girl


October 18 2020, 00:06:13 UTC 6 days ago Edited:  October 18 2020, 00:07:02 UTC

Milky way. Fuck nougat.

The chocolate in a PB cup could be better.
You’re crazy. Milky Way
fuck Milky Way, soft trash.
bye @ Milky Way
nah, milky way can choke
I dont like snickers or reeses hmmmm

I guess I would toss out reeses cause that shit is like eating straight peanut butter
I love all these, lol
i don't know what a milky way tastes like so that one is gone
It's basically a Snickers without the peanuts - aka the better option imo


6 days ago

I'm ditching the Snickers.
Milky Way is just a cavity in a plastic wrapper.


6 days ago


5 days ago

the one with the caramel
See ya, Reese’s!
OMG all this Milky Way slander. It’s my favorite 😭
I like all of these but you are correct. (As a kid I'd eat them in this order: Reese's, Twix, Milky Way, Snickers.)
agreed, bye Snickers
Reeses. Trader Joes peanut butter cups >>>>>>>>> Reeses
Hmm.. unpopular opinion but snickers. I don't like whole peanuts.
while Snickers have grown on me over the past few years they're still the weakest of all the options IMO and need to GTFO
Not here for this Snickers hate. I'd get rid of Twix.
Snickers, for sure.

Now the creamy Snickers peanut butter squares is another story.
I’m two weeks into my three week challenge of no soda, fast food, takeout, or delivery (mostly for saving money) and it’s easier than I was expecting but I do miss it because I’m still being really careful with the pandemic so takeout and pizza delivery was one of the few fun things I’ve been doing lol

Okay I didn’t mention getting Panera today but that’s a loophole because I had a gift card lol
Welcome to the club. It took me about four weeks after I quit before my cravings (and the weird food-related dreams) stopped.
2/3 of the way through... that's awesome!!
I stopped drinking soda 2 years ago and it was easier than I thought! I have one a year now (if that) for a special occasion.
obviously the attack music in Jaws is great but I can't stand the rollicking adventure music that plays in every other scene lmao
Does having a deep voice automatically make a man more attractive to you?
not if he isn't already physically hot
Not being a douchebag initially does
Nothing short of being Clark Kent makes a man attractive to me.
it did for one guy, but also he seemed to enjoy socializing with me

and then I realized he was trash and suddenly it didn't matter
Not at all.
it make the man more attractive if he is one, but is not a big deal to me, it has to be balanced with a nice personality, and i mean being a good person.

i had a crush on the ugliest mother fucker alive at my old job bc his voice was incredible
Definitely. Back when I could be arsed dealing with men I would overlook a lot for a good voice.
No. I like deep voices but there's still the tone that matters; you can have a deep and annoying voice. If it's like, smooth and deep, then fuck yeah.
baritone > bass
No.. but voice tone is important.

I think if a man has an unappealing voice (nasally, irritating, etc) it automatically makes him unattractive.. at least when he speaks. Sad truth.
How "deep" though? Like I never thought Barry White songs were sexy. Not a fan of Sam Elliott's vice wither.
A new Andrew Walker Hallmark movie starts in less than an hour!!
Is Peloton worth it? Note: I am impressively lazy but also easily sucked into anything that makes me feel better than people.
There's cheaper options out there tbh. They're all on backorder though
When I get an apartment I'm gunna get one. I love watching tv and movies and I'd love to have a Peloton to ride on when I do that so I'm not super lazy.
You can get about the same workout with a less expensive spin bike and free classes you find on YouTube or elsewhere. Or make your own spin playlists (I do -- it's fun). Pelotons are nice bikes, though.


October 18 2020, 00:10:52 UTC 6 days ago Edited:  October 18 2020, 00:12:05 UTC

My ex had one and he hardly used it, but it looks cool. You can sign up for a free trial of their classes on their app. I like the treadmill classes and use them for running outside.
Some sold between I think 2013 and 2016 have been recalled, and some of the 2020 ones have issues you can do better for cheaper.
We have a Sunny (like 1/3 of the price) and my husband uses the Peleton app... obviously not exactly the same, but a lot cheaper.
look into the mirror tbh
I bought a $150 bike on amazon and use the Pelaton app. My bike isnt ~amazing~ but it works for what I need it for. (When pandemic is over I'll get to go back to my gym with really bice bikes hopefully)
I submitted a fictional problematic fave post a little while ago and I think it's gunna be buried, but I hope y'all like it. Basically it's a chance to talk about your... fictional problematic faves lol.
Are there any other Barry fans here? Asking because Henry Winkler did a new interview and he said that S3 is no longer filming in Jan/Feb for a huge amnt of reasons, but mainly because it's too dangerous to come back. I expected it, but ughhhh.

Did he say what the other reasons were? But yeah I figured the reason why Euphoria is filming some new episodes and Barry hasn’t started shooting is bc Stephen Root and Henry Winkler are older, and a lot of the actors (including Bill) have kids. I can see why it’s too dangerous


October 18 2020, 00:39:58 UTC 6 days ago Edited:  October 18 2020, 00:43:28 UTC

He did not. He mentioned that the start date changed from April of this year to January/Feb of next year and now, to no date and that one of the reasons (he didn't mention the other ones, but said that it was delayed for a myriad of them) was obvs because it was too dangerous to go back. I should have known something was up because I was checking some production date schedule thing on Spoiler TV the other day and it had every HBO/HBO Max show on there EXCEPT for Barry, but ugh, I'm glad they're doing the right thing at least. As for "Euphoria", the eps are bridge ones, but apparently, actual production on S2 won't start til early 2021 and one of the HBO execs mentioned in an interview that the first shows set to return to filming will be that, Curb (starts filming S11 next month), and Succession.


6 days ago


6 days ago

Aw mannnn. I love Barry. I've been thinking of doing a re-watch while we wait for the new season.


6 days ago

i get it but man does that suck. i'm so excited for s3 😩
The ages of everyone on Supergirl are SO stupid.

nobody is buying that jon cryer is 35
JON CRYER is supposed to be 35? I’ve never seen the show but even in an alternative universe, never EVER would he look 35.
RIGHT?! Brenda Strong, who is SIXTY, plays his mom. They're literally 5 years apart in age.


6 days ago

35!!!! No. That is a man in his fifties who looks every one of his years.


6 days ago

Surely you mean 53...
It's like that stupid movie where he was a hiding from the Mob by pretending to be a High School student & was NOT believable as a teen.