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Free For All Saturday

Make good choices this weekend!
No porn, nudes, pic spamming, fighting, advertising, rudeness, huge browser slowing comments.

Put multiple images/tweets, etc. under a spoiler cut (code is below):

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fucking DISGUSTENG (in Scottish accent obviously)

Aww sweetie.
oh man, being perceived is the worst.
I see why people have streaming services bc I 'm a little too lazy to pirate this black mirror episode finally.

Also last year, I got a work out shirt with an oversized cowl that can go over my nose and mouth. Today I realized I can use it in place of a mask, and I was hot shit in Target today 😎 yeah what now, my shirt IS a mask.

I love this channel.


October 17 2020, 23:53:47 UTC 6 days ago Edited:  October 17 2020, 23:54:47 UTC

I watched A Karen in Paris and thoroughly enjoyed it despite of its flaws.

Rarely have I watched a TV show with that much male eye candy. All the guys were much hotter than they had any right to be (well, except Luc).
this girl from my high school has decided to become a motherhood Youtuber and I get terrible vibes from her husband

-she had him on for some Q&A and his expression the whole time was very "this is bullshit and I don't need you putting us on the internet"

-the last video before having the baby, she mentioned buying 2 bows to choose from for when she posts about the baby announcement, but HE also bought 2 other bows to match some outfit of HIS so he can do HIS OWN birth announcement. that was weird to me
Wtf lmaooooo. Some people want to be famous?!?
I think she just wants to be sent free stuff
I listened to Inside of You's podcast episode with Sarah Edmondson about NXIVM and now I really want to watch The Vow. I know cults manipulate people, but I've never really understood how. Listening to her explain how they'd brainwash you to not trust your own intuition and how they would twist your suspicions of the company into being personal weaknesses was crazy. Aside from the money part, I could totally see how people get sucked into thinking their shit was helping people.
The Vow is really interesting. Mark being a documentarian means that everything is recorded.
The Vow is really good! I wasn't sure at first how anyone could fall for all the crap they were doing I get it. It's awful how people were manipulated.
Watching the office for the first time. I get the fascination but and everyone is kind of awful.
I've discovered the "90s Canadian Childhood" playlist on Spotify and it's basically an episode of The Hit List OMG
omg, link please!

hah she actually mentions the Hit List in the description!


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October 17 2020, 23:58:15 UTC 6 days ago Edited:  October 17 2020, 23:59:38 UTC

I’m watching this BlackPink documentary on Netflix despite knowing absolutely nothing about them or KPop.

I find it so fascinating. They work so damn hard just to make it and when they make it, they have to work even harder. It all sounds so exhausting? Especially because they seem to fight for perfection and i get this weird vibe that they’re all dealing with heavy emotional issues. I dunno, maybe I’m projecting.

ETA - they’re all so tiny. Damn.
I watched the documentary and they deserve their success but you can't tell me they're mentally okay. It's such a high pressure environment ... and it just didn't stop for them. I hope they can all take a break (as individuals.... like, i don't like their living situation either. They're adults...)
so i have an *old* ID that says i'm under 21 (i'm 25 going on 26 in nov), but it doesn't expire until next year in october. if i go to the voting polls, will that be an acceptable form of identification to use regardless of the 'under 21'? i don't want to make a plan, head out, & then be turned away, especially when i'm perfectly legal to vote
At work they tell us all that matters is that the ID is not expired or damaged/chipped/altered. But double check with your BOE.

but your state requires ID?!?
if i recall correctly, texas does require photo id, i don't drive so i don't have a driver's license but i just have that old (but still good) id. i have looked all over online to see if this will be an issue but it hasn't come out yet so i think i'm all right but i just like to be extremely thorough (it's the anxiety lol) i just don't want to let anyone, much less my son, down if i don't vote
I had one that said "under 21 until x/x/xxxx" in VA - I had to renew at 20 and then didn't need to renew again until 28 so I was over 21 the majority of the time I had that license.

Voting age is 18 anyway, not 21.
I'm so glad my mom sent me home with so many groceries that I basically don't have to go shopping until Monday. Cause I am exhausted and the last thing I want to do right now is go out.
PHEW. Dodgers officially forced a game 7.
I cleaned out my fireplace (from last year oop) and bought 18 duraflame logs

I'm ready for cozy season
Oooh that sounds so nice.
We usually aren't in town for Christmas, so I have a cheap little four foot fake tree that I put up every year for the past few years. But now that we're staying this year, I am considering getting a full-size one. I do love real trees, but my cats always try to drink the water and my husband complains about the needles.

Does anyone have a fake tree they like? Where'd you get it?
Get a real tree! It will bring some pandemic joy

I have two tiny fake trees that were gifted to me that I bring out every year
hmmm... maybe I will!!!
I just got a new fake tree last year- a local store was closing and I got a $2000, 12 foot tree for 90% off. It's absolutely beautiful.

BUT I would advise against getting anything pre-lit. My old tree was pre-lit, and half of it went out and couldn't be fixed. So I was thinking about just cutting the broken lines out before I came across the new tree.


6 days ago