jemgirl90 (jemgirl90) wrote in ohnotheydidnt,

Chloe x Halle perform at BBC's 1Xtra Live

Tags: black celebrities, chloe x halle, music / musician

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ONTD got me into this duo. I love listening to Ungodly hour in the middle of the night.
parkwood keepin them booked on every virtual stage
Always looking and sounding so classique and expensive

Imagine being this young hot and talented cause I can’t
Sigh. I know. I can't relate.
they are really thriving during the pandemic. I'm seeing them everywhere more now than before!
OP can you tell me what video that gif is from?
It's from the video for the song "Who Knew", from the t.v. show "Grown-ish" that they are on.

They’re so talented and I want to like them but none of their songs have appealed to me.
yass tipsy! was hoping they'd perform this one!
They are everywhere!
Super talented and cute. Good for them
I love them so much! So happy to see them become so popular <3
they are so good