apeshit_x (apeshit_x) wrote in ohnotheydidnt,

Ariana Grande's PositionS is coming.

Tags: ariana grande, the weeknd

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Ugh, go away, stop doing things.
I get so frustrated with Ariana cause I like her voice, but hate every single one of her songs.
The way she was typing that made my nerves go all the way up the wall, jeez.
Same and same lol
Sounds like more of the same. I think her music is mostly boring, so I'll pass on that one.


October 17 2020, 23:43:04 UTC 4 months ago Edited:  October 18 2020, 00:36:40 UTC

Y’all pretend to care about this culturally appropriative demon baby who gets off on looking as racially ambiguous as possible but then get excited over her new music.
Look, I have entire playlists dedicated to sexy songs, but can they let the ladies of pop and hip hop do any other emotion? Just one? Maybe something a little bit angry? I'll even take a song like Bruno Mars being lazy ffs.
yeah I know what you mean. idc about sexual lyrics I just hate how mainstream music still boxes women in like that. shame women for being sexy and singing sexy songs but also not allowing them paths to success without doing so
You expressed it better than my "I just want ladies who are mad :(" comment.


4 months ago

mte. i recently wanted to make a playlist of angrier songs by pop/r&b artists and was only able to come up with xtina's fighter, bey's don't hurt yourself, and stfu by rina sawayama lol i want moreeeeeeeee!!


4 months ago

Yawn, pass.
It'll be interesting to see how it performs. It seems most of it was produced and written by her thank u next team, so it has the potential to be a tun/7 rings smash hit or a Motivation/Ice Cream flop. At least the tracks produced by The Rascals are guaranteed to be bops.
i'm interested??? but we'll see
i cant believe she debuted with yours truly and has now come to this, actually delivering solid vocals with lovey dovey old school rnb/pop perfection to only give me fake baby mumbling about sex generic garbage
it frustrates me so much lol
she seems obsessed w sex lol
i get hating ariana but i didnt realize so many people hated music about sex?

fucking weird
honestly give it to me
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