apeshit_x (apeshit_x) wrote in ohnotheydidnt,

Ariana Grande's PositionS is coming.

Tags: ariana grande, the weeknd
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read doja as dua (lipa) and was excited for a sec, but then i realised the truth and was like... ugh

anyway an album about sex is questionable coming from her tbh, but i'm still hopeful, she releases mindless bops that are easy to listen to
I was going to say she def types an S at the end
"consistent and coherent theme about sex"

groundbreaking, truly.
Oneohtrix Point Never also retweeted and he has collared with Abel recently
Abel seems to be doing a lot during this quarantine. I wouldn’t be surprised if we get an EP or something by the end of the year.
Is "34 35" a reference to the number of self-tanner bottles she goes through in the average month?
Girl, who asked you for this?
fuck that means her brother will start popping up again to coattails her ass
Haven't we suffered enough this year?
mmm meh. like, i don't care about the subject matter, sing all the sex songs you want, but would like to hear idk a different perspective on it than what she usually does. but not expecting much.

like god is a woman, could've been something but she did not go as far as she should've imo. like if you're gonna compare sex to a religious experience, the song needs to be more exciting. but it was boring af. was hoping it was gonna give me Flo's Bedroom Hymns vibes, but it doesn't even close.
please flop please flop please flop
Ladies get into position.
I feel like her music has regressed
everyone is chasing the how-can-this-go-viral-on-tiktok-sound tbh and it doesn't rly work for everyone
An album about “wild” sex with a real estate agent, cool.
I'll listen to what Ponytail is bringing, even though I have some doubts based on her choice in producers for her past few singles.
wow sex huh? truly the album we need in 2020: arguably the least sexy and least sex-filled year of our lives
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