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50 Cent signs deal to produce 3 horror films

Today in... "3 people you'd never expect to end up in a single ONTD post"

-He will be working with ONTD's ex-boyfriend Eli Roth and indie studio 3BlackDot
-Who runs 3BlackDot? None other than James Frey, the author kicked out of Oprah's book club for the "literary forgery" that was A Million Little Pieces
-Eli says 50 and James Frey have never shied away from controversy and they want to make “movies others are too afraid to make”
-They hope to take over the horror genre and are planning merch deals for each film, too


Where's that 50 Cent VMAs reaction gif when I need it??
Tags: 50 cent, eli roth, film - producers, slow news day, sure jan, who asked for this

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"Fuck You 50: When a man tries to be relevant by inserting himself in drama, it comes back to bite him in the ass, setting him on the ride of his life, all in one night."
And then he’ll give us a scene of him pulling up in a car so we can have an updated gif for a new decade
One of the movies should be based off of this tweet;

My blueberry eating king <3 <3 <3. He may be ONTDs ex, but I'll take sloppy seconds, and yes I know I have trash taste.

This is going to be very interesting, imo.
how much money do producers make?
So like women getting killed and tortured in even more creative and awful ways? Lots of rape rather than just some? I’m assuming that’s what “controversy” means to dudes like these guys lol.
oops, i should have read the comments before making my own
He deserves double the dragging.

Feel free to make like 50 more posts saying the same thing tbh.
Yep. It's like they long for the times when violent rape scenes/revenge flicks were common.

Ps: I love the character in your avi and Ginger Snaps shaped me as a person. We need more horror movies like this!
so it'll be tons of rape and torture porn

just what the horror genre was missing

cool cool cool
Eli says 50 and James Frey have never shied away from controversy and they want to make “movies others are too afraid to make”

...well, that can't end well. So it's basically gonna be the horror movie version of edgelord bro comedy that DARES TO TELL THE TRUTH!! ?
Right? Might as well un-cancel James Franco at this rate
"I wish there was more Black horror movies."

*single monkey paw finger curls*

Oh. No.
You did this!
With this combination of men, I'm guessing "controversy" is just gonna end up being misogyny
Or pseudo-feminism that is really just misogyny.
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I have zero faith in all of them to deliver anything good.
Why hasn’t he been canceled by now? He’s an awful person.

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