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French celebrities and Charlie Hebdo tweet against decapitation of professor

Samuel Paty was a professor who used Charlie Hebdo religious caricatures as examples of freedom of expression on his lectures, because of this, the history teacher received threats since showing the caricatures to pupils around 10 days ago.

The suspect of beheading the professor, an 18-year-old, was shot dead by police following the knife attack, outside a school in a Paris suburb on Friday evening. The teen posted a photo of the teacher's body on Twitter shortly before, claiming responsibility for the killing.

Authorities have arrested 9 suspects, investigated for possible links to Islamic extremism. The attack is believed to be terror related, motivated after Mr Paty discussed caricatures of Islam’s Prophet Muhammad with his class.

The parent of a student had filed a complaint against the teacher, and the teacher’s information started to appear online, prior to the threats and attack.

A national tribute will be paid to Mr Paty.

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