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French celebrities and Charlie Hebdo tweet against decapitation of professor

Samuel Paty was a professor who used Charlie Hebdo religious caricatures as examples of freedom of expression on his lectures, because of this, the history teacher received threats since showing the caricatures to pupils around 10 days ago.

The suspect of beheading the professor, an 18-year-old, was shot dead by police following the knife attack, outside a school in a Paris suburb on Friday evening. The teen posted a photo of the teacher's body on Twitter shortly before, claiming responsibility for the killing.

Authorities have arrested 9 suspects, investigated for possible links to Islamic extremism. The attack is believed to be terror related, motivated after Mr Paty discussed caricatures of Islam’s Prophet Muhammad with his class.

The parent of a student had filed a complaint against the teacher, and the teacher’s information started to appear online, prior to the threats and attack.

A national tribute will be paid to Mr Paty.

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Like Muslims don't already live a hard life and this idiot kid just made it much harder. Fuck him.
the dude that killed the people at the gay club, or this dude, they're all the consequence, not the cause.
Lots of people face adversity, racism and trauma. Not everyone chooses violence and very few skip straight to beheadings.


3 days ago

Not a kid. He’s not 6. He was 18 - the age of adulthood in France.
I’m sick of this post infantilising him.
this is a such a brutal and singular act of violence. i can't how imagine how traumatizing it was for this man's family and loved ones to have learned of his demise in such a manner. rip samuel paty.

and just as important and perhaps more pressing of a matter imo is taking the time to acknowledge and counteract the reactionary and retaliatory acts of racism and xenophobia that will be stoked by the vile inhumane actions of religious extremists. further endangering the lives and livelihood of muslim men, women, and children in France and beyond by peddling islamophobic rhetoric should never be the default answer.
Not just in France, i'm sure this will lead to patronizing imperialist bullshit that just feeds the cycle of reactionary extremism of all religions in all countries.
yup exactly this. i didn't want to take a US-centric (where I live) stance given that the individuals most at risk of retaliatory violence atm are french muslims most likely, but based on how quickly this piece of news circulated throughout American conservative media, i think it's equally important people rally in support of their local muslim communities and be loud and vocal about it.
Jesus Christ. How awful for the professor's family and loved ones. I hope they're doing ok because losing a loved one is such a violent and tragic way is just unthinkable for me.
this is so fucked up, I saw post referring to this on reddit but thankfully not the actual picture.

You know there's going to be some steps taken against Muslims because of this, which will just further the radicalization going on here.
Big time.
This poor man. This is so upsetting.
There are people in here being callous towards the victim, who clearly care more about the caricatures than the murder, but some are more disturbed by people comparing Muhammad to Jesus?
No one is doing that. I see people rightfully pointing out that Islamophobia has been historically tied to global racism, which is why it’s inadequate and unfair to compare a Christianity to Islam when people decide to undermine the ways Islamophobia is a problem. And they aren’t wrong.
People have done that on the first page...


3 days ago


3 days ago

Rest in Peace.
I was going to comment that I wish religion disappeared but if is not religion it would be another bs that brings the worst out of certain people.

RIP the teacher and fuck every religion and their moronic laws.
People always say that it would just be something else, but what would that something else be, exactly? Because organized religion has done a hell of a lot of damage and continues to do so, and I have a hard time imagining what else would affect generations of people like religion.
i do have a hard time to think about anything else, maybe big corporations, their religion is money and taking resources and accumulating power, they also brainwash the poor and middle class into defending rich people (i just literally had an argument with a dude who was SHOCKED there's a proposition to make rich people in my country to pay more taxes than the middle/poor classes, he was like "if the government do that, the economy will fall and it will be our destruction!")

but is less fucked up, right? because religions wants to tell you what to do with your body, with your sexuality, with even the fucking food you eat, and it tells you being this or that religion and respecting their laws is "your culture" and can't be changed

so, yeah, it's hard to imagine something equally or worse.
If religion is a man-made concept like so many it is then it’ll be remade into something else. Everything starts and grows over time.

How that’ll happen I don’t know but I’m pretty positive it can.
White supremacy????


3 days ago


Human beings have a strong desire to believe they are better than each other. It’s not just white supremacy though it is the easiest and most tangible to use when describing it. But all over the world you have had families who were better, cause I said so. Money. Beautiful people which is a genetic fluke. Being the most attractive and fit. Fashionable. Where you live. Who you know. How Educated though it comes dead last for many.

Capitalism has exploited it but ultimately even when we are right and feel superior to someone truly evil, there is that doubled edge sword of the feeling and desire to personally feel superior to others becoming a negative that genuinely oppresses others
I've known some people who grew up super religious and as a result bigoted and close-minded... and then as adults they left religion and became normal people, so I think religion itself is at least directly to blame. I think one of the biggest problems is being indoctrinated so young and growing up believing that is true. It's so hard to break out of that. You see it with other things too like people raised in abusive households, bigoted households, etc. You have to break down and rebuild all your views about things.
This honestly shouldn't have been posted here. It's such a horrific incident and now you have people here making excuses for it. Like there's no way a topic like this would ever go over well here and it's too disturbing and upsetting to turn into "want bait".
What do you mean by want bait? Genuine question. I googled and I just got fishing results haha.
Lol it autocorrected, I meant "wank bait"


3 days ago

What are they good for?
Absolutely nothing.

Condolences to the poor teachers' family. I don't want to think about what they're going through atm.
Oh, how awful.
This gives me very uneasy feelings.

In a journalism class several years ago, we were studying ethics and had to discuss our rationale on making decisions in hypothetical situations. We actually had a scenario where we discuss the Charlie Hebdo cartoons and the violent reactions towards them. Our 3 options were: do not publish the images of the cartoons, do not publish the images but link to a website that does, or publish the images in their entirety.

Scary to think about the impact of these kind of decisions. You want to protect freedom of speech but you would hate to see something like this happen. Just awful.
RIP to this teacher. Truly horrifying.

And love to ONTDers who come from genealogies of Islam and colonialism and are enduring the ignorance of commenters here.
JFC. This is so sickening and heartbreaking.
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