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New show on Netflix: Alguien tiene que morir / Someone Has to Die

Netflix has a new Spanish/Mexican show out! Set in the 1950s, it follows a wealthy family who are trying to get the youngest son to marry a local rich girl (Élite's Ester Expósito i.e. Carla!), only he's brought home his Mexican boyfriend Lázaro.

Anyone watching this yet? I'm so excited!  I'm only on the first episode, but the scenery is absolutely lush and the cast is great.

Let's make this a discussion post!! (Élite gifs welcome!)

Tags: lgbtq / rights, netflix, television

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"Beautiful queer Spaniards committing crimes" is my favourite Netflix genre.
I thought it was gonna be a fun murder mystery but I've heard it's a bit more serious than that. looking forward to watching though.

Ester Expósito is so beautiful, I'm glad she's getting jobs after Elite
She's so fabulous! I'm really glad she's getting roles.

Ouh i was thinking of watching this but... is it heavy?

I just finished watching a brazilian show called Good Morning Veronica and i needed to watch something lighthearted after..
It's tilting towards heavy, but I'm not sure how it's gonna end yet. *frets*
Ouh yeah i got the sense of that while watching the trailer... but thought you know, might have some light elements.

My brain can't handle it now..will save this show for later.
Hopefully I won't forget about this show. It needs to be all up and I need to know the gay dudes both live. Just not here for another gay story where one of us tragically dies.
I still can't get over Good Morning Veronica, it's pretty good and also pretty heavy


3 months ago


3 months ago


3 months ago

I finished the first ep last night. That last scene was kind of a surprise lol. I have a feeling I know where it's going now though.

I just got there. WUT

[spoiler] Yea I was surprised too. I guess he's just affectionate lol. Anyway I think the mom wants a taste of the homeland and will hook up with the dancer while the son will end up back with his childhood crush (Im assuming plus he was ten sooo) The dad's got to die.
Is this more Casa de las Flores or Élite?
This is a Manolo Caro production and he is also the director so Casa de las Flores.
Ugh I hated everything after the almost perfect first season.


3 months ago


3 months ago

So a good first season.

He's the Mexican Marc Cherry or Brian Murphy.


3 months ago

That looks interesting and i like Cecilia Suarez but i'm honestly tired of all producitions in spanish being so white.

cecilia suarez is such a queen i love her
I miss Carlaaaaaaaaa
Hell yeah I need another show to get into, I'm trying to learn Spanish
Oh good luck!! :D
Thanks!! My dumb ass has been trying off and on for 12+ years but since after I get my grad degree, I might be moving to a city with a large Spanish-speaking population, I better dust off those skills and hurry up! I love Spanish though tbh I'm just not very consistent :(


3 months ago


3 months ago

I’m kinda intrigued is it any good?

I’m gonna miss Carla in the next season of Élite
Alex Speitzer is obviously hot but all I see when I look at him is Rayito de Luz

I'm really liking it and it's only 3 episodes!

Did you see his show with Maite Perroni? LMAO i've only seen memes but wtf!
I haven’t but exactly the memes!
I just searched for it and it looks like a mess, especially because she can't act , there is a Colombian actress I like though

What memes ? 👀


October 18 2020, 00:48:16 UTC 3 months ago Edited:  October 18 2020, 00:48:48 UTC

I know you like quality and we have similar tastes so don't watch lol !

What Maite show?


3 months ago

The end was very predictable

can someone recommend Spanish language shows on US Netflix, preferably Mexican Spanish? I'd like to practice my listening comprehension.
Nailed It Mexico made me laugh.
Desenfrenadas aka unstoppable, monarca, narcos mexico, dark desire
Club de Cuervos!
It’s gonna be so weird watching Elite without Carla. The best character :/
I read not so great things about it. [Spoiler (click to open)]And I was so ready for Alejandro Speitzer to play gay too. And for Carlos Cuevas to play someone other than Pol Rubio. Which reminds me - I'm so mad rn since I read that Bruno (David Solans) won't be in Season 2 of Merli Sapere Aude, after being character assassinated in Season 1. Fuck, the writer/showrunner really hates Bruno UGH


October 17 2020, 21:34:41 UTC 3 months ago Edited:  October 17 2020, 21:35:20 UTC

Does this actually has a decent storyline for the gays? I'm not in the mood for some Bury your gays bullshit like The Politician.

I will finish and report back.

Actually no , don't watch it
I was shook at the sex scene in the woods.
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