R. (nemophilist) wrote in ohnotheydidnt,

New show on Netflix: Alguien tiene que morir / Someone Has to Die

Netflix has a new Spanish/Mexican show out! Set in the 1950s, it follows a wealthy family who are trying to get the youngest son to marry a local rich girl (Élite's Ester Expósito i.e. Carla!), only he's brought home his Mexican boyfriend Lázaro.

Anyone watching this yet? I'm so excited!  I'm only on the first episode, but the scenery is absolutely lush and the cast is great.

Let's make this a discussion post!! (Élite gifs welcome!)

Tags: lgbtq / rights, netflix, television
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I'm on the 2nd episode, liking it so far , I hate Cecilia Suarez' spanish accent though
honestly i hated every part of it lmao I want those hours I lost binging it back, manolo!!!!!
I just finished it and same lmao, I thought it was going to be soo much better, it has potential and I was into it but what a mess, especially the 3rd episode
it was ALL a mess tbh like it between not managing to catch me entirely, and imo, some very shaky performances I was like .....this is it? also I was not here for any of the racism depicted towards Lazaro like idc for Spaniards and their racism especially not towards Mexicans
it’s beautiful visually but it’s very “gowns beautiful gowns” imo it needed a full season because everything was just left so half baked
Lmao, yes, great gowns beautiful gowns is the way to describe it, and the adult cast was good, the grandma especially with better writing could have been a compelling villain but besides that? Mess, Ester Expósito was Carla in Franco's Spain lol , and the younger actors were mostly bad , but the 3rd episode was on another level of horribleness, it didn't make any sense, it was rushed , and still don't understand what they were thinking? Why they were fucking in the forest?!!

Manolo Caro is the Latin American Ryan Murphy
i binged the whole thing but tbh i didn't really like it? i just think it didn't really flow very well - either cut up the story and make it a movie or add more actual detail and make it a longer series, if that makes sense.

i did enjoy the setting and scenery, though.
Nothing really happened, like everyone knew where this was going
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