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Babar Suhail

Tyler Perry trends on Twitter after a scene from one of his shows goes viral

A scene of one of Tyler Perry's show's "If Loving You is Wrong" went viral on Twitter. I am no gonna spoil it for you, it's something that you need to experience yourself.

Tyler Perry is currently trending on Twitter with people dragging the writing on his show. In case you didn't know, Perry is a one man team. He is the sole writer and director for ALL his show.

Twitter was also dragging him because making black women suffer is a consistent theme throughout his shows.

Tags: black celebrities, viral

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Wtf? That was cold. lol And he wrote the same lines the man said in another movie. But it was during a wedding and the guy was reciting his vows. lol
lmao the plot twist i didnt ask for. ngl that woman overacting made me think it was a proposal.
This is like when the Bachelor breaks up with his second place
NGL he had me in the first half. LMAO


October 17 2020, 13:57:37 UTC 5 months ago Edited:  October 17 2020, 14:03:15 UTC

So I went from "okay this is corny but it's not so bad" to "omg" with my hand over my mouth in a millisecond lmaaaoooo

I can't wait to send this to a guy who I'm no longer interested in. Thank you Tyler Perry

Also I suggest all of you check out the first episode of The Oval, another Tyler Perry show. It's terrible but the plot is around the newly elected president (white) and the first lady (Black) and their incredibly abusive relationship. It is wiilllddd

Watch the Oval office If you want to be amazed by how awful is writing is.

Is that the show about the first lady who is black and her husband the president is white and cheats on her and it looks extremely so bad it's good and soapy?

Yes. That show is crazy. The president is nuts and the first lady is too. The first episode the first lady literally told her daughter she'd kill her and they wouldn't find the body. There was also a rape accusation and a kid napping and domestic violence all in the first episode. Tyler Perry does not know the definition of pacing.


5 months ago

This is wild but it’s hard to laugh at knowing he’s dead serious and his stuff is always so problematic. And this is the guy Oprah and Harry/Meghan are all about?
haha I feel like this goes viral every few months, but I laugh every time.

Deleted comment

i found some context and omg i would have straight up murdered his ass
asdfghjlk BYE miss perry

me and my sistren watched why did i get married again last week and the way we cackled at and not with that horrible mess
i was expecting a 'i wanna fuck you in the ass' type plot twist but whoa

Lofl. I love twitter sometimes. Fucking golden.

I cannot stand this corny ass man. I am so sick of him always writing black women like this. And she probably said ok after crying and soul searching because Jesus told her to.
Any sane person would have looked at Kelly and how she was acting and gone," Naw. Something is off. Let me lave right now."

The writing is on that "student film" level bad. She shot him how many times and there's no blood? None on her, the door, his clothing? Like dude, get other writers to help you be the best.
His productions are always so cheap. He spent an insane amount of money to built his studio just for all of his shows to look like they were filmed on a $10 budget and a slice of pizza.


5 months ago


5 months ago

Looking at the wiki page, he killed her boyfriend and framed her for it beforehand.


5 months ago

lmao despite the shitty acting I enjoyed this, justice!
Dang her acting is bad. Like his isn't great but whew
lmao the follow up too

the fact she's like 'no i don't want him to liveee' and he's just like 'kelly, kelly...gotta call the ambulance'


5 months ago

Why is the lighting so bad? lol
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