Babar Suhail (babarsuhail) wrote in ohnotheydidnt,
Babar Suhail

Tyler Perry trends on Twitter after a scene from one of his shows goes viral

A scene of one of Tyler Perry's show's "If Loving You is Wrong" went viral on Twitter. I am no gonna spoil it for you, it's something that you need to experience yourself.

Tyler Perry is currently trending on Twitter with people dragging the writing on his show. In case you didn't know, Perry is a one man team. He is the sole writer and director for ALL his show.

Twitter was also dragging him because making black women suffer is a consistent theme throughout his shows.

Tags: black celebrities, viral
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It's like a skit without the punchline.
Lol what
I’m shocked this is going viral again. I remember seeing this a few years ago on Facebook and dying laughing
Wait, it's an old scene??
Yup! I had to look it up to make sure I wasn’t tripping but this was 2016!
Thank you. I knew I wasn’t tripping. This clip is old
haha yep, this goes viral every few months.
What's the context of this, is one of them married or something?
acrimony was on tv a few months ago and i still wanna know why taraji signed on to that mess of a movie
Quick money.
We all run low on money between bills, sometimes. Seeing as how it was likely shot in a week, I hope she got her money fast.
I think about that movie from time to time and just cackle out loud.
Sis was trying to build out that pool house.
As far as Tyler Perry content goes, this is tame. I was expecting him to break out into an evil witch cackle and reveal that he's been playing her all along and that her sister is pregnant for his baby.
i'm so confused what's going on here lol i need context
I legit couldn’t tell if it was a drama or a reality show. It’s so badly written, directed, and acted. Omg. 😂😂😂😂😂
Lol ouch
This is worse than last skit of the night on SNL bad.
I dont know what i was expecting but it wasnt that. Lmao.
The praise and adoration he receives from celebrities and people in the business just tells me they haven’t watched his work.
I need context, but imagine thinking someone is proposing marriage when they're proposing friendship? Jesus.


October 17 2020, 14:54:46 UTC 1 week ago Edited:  October 17 2020, 14:55:03 UTC

the full context is he's her boyfriend and they have a kid together, then he goes to haiti on a charity mission then comes back and she thinks he's gonna propose but he tells her he met someone else in haiti (a light skinned virgin) who is "so beautiful" and they're getting married but he loves her SO MUCH and he wants them to be friends lmaoooo
Damn, shoot the motherfucker.


1 week ago


6 days ago

Was that Perry's way of punishing her because they had a child before they got married?
OMG, this is worse than what I thought , I would punch him so many times
Of course they have a kid together but she's getting punished
And here I thought it couldn't get any worse


5 days ago

oh just a friend? I was honestly expecting worse since this is a Tyler Perry show
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