Becca (lillymoo) wrote in ohnotheydidnt,

Miley and Noah Cyrus Sing “I Got So High That I Saw Jesus” + More


This makes the third installment of The Backyard Sessions. Miley sings with her sister, Noah, as well covering Britney Spears and The Cardigans.


Tags: britney spears, miley cyrus, music / musician

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The sisters' voices together were incredible, regardless of the meh song lyrics.

I am always here for Miley's voice. Always have been
I actually love her voice I can't deny it anymore
Yeah they sound great
Her voice is everything

Deleted comment

When isn't it.
I keep seeing girls with mullets on tiktok and while on the one hand I kinda love it (for them) I also don't get it.
Please tell me they covered this masterpiece:

don't like miley, but her britney cover was gold
I like when she does these types of performances, I frequently listen to her and ariana grandes cover of 'don't dream its over'
Me too. I wish it was on spotify.
I love midnight sky and I totally enjoyed her version of gimme more ngl

also her and noah's harmonies were on point!
Can we PLEASE stop commenting on how shitty her is? Shitty hair is her birthright and she is embracing it.
Agreed. It's really sad, though, because her long brown hair was absolutely gorgeous. I gather she wanted to be more edgy and escape that wholesome persona, but I do miss that. Her brown hair also accented her eyes, and just made her look so gorge.
Yeah, the mullet suits her personality.
I had to read the title a few times because I kept seeing Norah Jones.

My brain can't read words well anymore.
I like her live performances, she has that going for her
I love noah's new album & this song lol
This is her best era and fit since her Hannah Montana era to me. This hillbilly couture look is her.

Same with music. She needs to stick in the pop field which she can mix country, folk, and rock into it.

Her voice sounds weird on gimme more but I love the cover.
I need to know what happened to her best friend Lesley.

Lmao there's no way these two give a single shit about eachother. Miley going back to her roots and reuniting with this plastic hick was part of her white angel image
How about her other friend Mandy?


6 months ago

Noah’s singing voice is so much better than Miley’s...way less abrasive
i love miley's voice idgaf what y'all say, she in her bag with these backyard sessions, everything else she can keep
They should do a sisters duet album! Great gimmick.
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